October happenings

Hallooo, dear Dodopadlers!  Miss Peabody here.

This is all very exciting! I am addressing you via the internet on this wonderful “laptop” contraption which has been generously gifted to me by his excellence Lord Dodo.  What better way for me to communicate with all of you!  It really is quite a remarkable thing, although it may take me a minute to get the hang of it.

All is going swimmingly here at Dodo TowersLord Dodo himself is currently on holiday in the Dodolomites (again…).  His Hardworking Sales and Customer Service team has been helping users of our famous Acad-Pad diary to find a copy and settle into their college year.  (If you are yet to purchase your Acad-Pad I dare say you’d better hurry up, they sell out every year you know.  Miss Davinia Dalrymple in our Dodo Pad Stock Control department says remaining stocks are now extremely limited.)

Now with autumn fully underway, I am preparing for our annual Spooky Halloween Bash to be held here at Dodo Towers.  It’s always great fun although occasionally it can get slightly out of hand.  Last year Bert Whistle (who does General Factotum here at Dodo Towers) dressed up as a mummy complete with full-body bandaging.  After a little too much punch he teetered toppled fell into the fountain in the middle of the Hedge Maze.  When he dried his bandages converted to papier mache and he had to be chipped out. It left a dreadful mess in the formal gardens…

Let’s hope we can avoid any such mishaps this year!  I haven’t yet decided on my costume.  What are you dressing as for Halloween this year?

I hope you are having a wonderful autumn in Dartford, Dublin, Delhi, Dallas or wherever you are.  And as for you Dodopadlers from DoDown Under, I hope you’re enjoying spring!  Do tell me about your seasonal escapades!

Toodle-oo for now, more to come soon!

Miss P


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5 responses to “October happenings

  1. Dear Miss P,

    What would I do without you? Thank you for just being there…through thick and thin.

    The first snows are falling high in the mountains here in the DD’s and I think I will return early in order to see you and the loyal staff for the Halloween Party.

    Looking forward to it already!


    Lord D

  2. The Queen

    I will be making an appearance as The Hamburglar this year! Wish you were here.

  3. Dear Miss Peabody – yes it is so exciting isn’t it. So Lord Dodo has finally embraced cyberspace, not bad for an extinct bird. I’m surprised he has snow in the Dodolomites already but perhaps he just takes the crisp mountain air – after all he is not getting any younger.

    Pumpkins away for the Halloween Party. Have you tried apple bobbing? my daughter thinks it is great fun but maybe would ruin your hairstyle

    an admirer

  4. Miss Peabody

    I am happy to report that this year’s Spooky Halloween Bash was absolutely smashing! Quite literally, actually. After too much Witchy Punch someone decided it was a clever idea to have a pumpkin fight in the main garden at Dodo Towers. Jack-o-lanterns were flying through the air left and right, and the resulting splatter was a sight to behold. Much fun at the time, but a great mess the next day. And I thought Bert’s bandages had been difficult to clean up! All in good fun though. Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!

    Miss P

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