1793 Louvre Opens

Louvre Spectacle

Bonjour, dear Dodopadlers!  Miss Peabody ici!

Those of you with a Dodo Pad diary will notice that Sunday of this week marks the anniversary of the opening of the Louvre in Paris on November 8, 1793.  From medieval fortress to palatial residence to art museum, the building itself has a fascinating history.

The Louvre is one of those places where, if you have not been, then you must find a way to get yourself there even if you have to fly on a dodo’s back.  It absolutely is not to be missed.

Yours truly was fortunate enough to go several years ago along with Lord and Lady Dodo and the Hardworking Sales and Customer Service team on a company outing to the Continent.  We had a wonderful time, stuffing ourselves with croissants and café au lait.  We spent a fine afternoon gazing at the artwork in the Louvre, each painting and statue a glorious masterpiece.  But, as with anything, after a few hours it all starts to look like stuff, so off we went for a cruise on the Seine.  Tres magnifique!

This week’s page in the Dodo Pad diary also mentions another Parisian landmark and symbol of the city herself, the Eiffel Tower which, as noted, was inaugurated at the Great Exhibition of 1889, which was the World’s Fair as hosted by Paris.  Apparently the fair was a spectacular event (for although I am no longer a spring chicken as one might say, I am not of such an advanced age as to have actually attended the fair that year) with exhibitions including Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley performing their “Wild West Show.”  What a terrific exciting amazing show that must have been!  Dear me, I feel flushed just thinking about it.

One final note: enjoy Guy Fawkes Night!  I’ll be thinking of you all as I sit ’round the bonfire watching the dazzling fireworks display his Lordship has planned.

And do drop me a line here if you feel so inclined – it is always lovely to hear from you.

Au revoir for now mes amis!

Miss P

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  1. Carla

    Great page. I can’t wait to use the discount code and get my very first Dodo Planner. You are an inspiration Miss P!

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