Dodo Promos!

Hallooo dear Dodopadlers!  Miss Peabody here.

My goodness, is it December already?   How the time does fly!   There’s so much going on here at Dodo Towers and so much to tell you!

A special welcome to Filofax users!  Undodoubtedly you’ve heard of our exciting promotion of the Dodo Pad A5 Filofax diary insert, but in case you haven’t I will tell you all about it.   This exciting diary insert format is newly available for 2010 and is a simply wonderful way for any user of an A5 Filofax to be “Filo on the outside and Dodo on the inside.”   When you order the A5 Dodo Pad Filofax insert, enter promotional code 09FX to get an amazing 55% off!  Lord Dodo wants everyone who is interested in this new insert to be able to try it out at his special discounted price, but you should know that remaining stocks are very limited.

And speaking of special promotions,  as a reader of my blog, from now until December 15th you can get 15% off the Dodo Book for Cooks!  When checking out, just enter the code 09MP to automatically receive your discount.  There is no limit on stock (well an order for 100,000 copies might slightly stretch the stock room capabilities) and promotions can be combined.

This is one of Lord Dodo’s most successful inventions and a terrific gift idea for anyone who enjoys cooking.  I must say, I would be lost in the kitchen without my Book for Cooks.  Actually, I’m often lost in the kitchen as it is.   But my Book for Cooks helps me find my way!   It’s full of useful information that I can never seem to keep straight in my scattered head, such as temperature and measurement conversions.  Generously sprinkled throughout are samples of Lord Dodo’s witticisms and artwork.   There are 10 sections in which to put your recipes for every type of dish you can think of such as salads, starters, soups, meats and poultry.  Most useful at this time of year is the ‘Festive Fare’ section for all of my holiday recipes.  And thank goodness for all those little pockets to contain the recipes I have cut out from who knows where and not had time to stick in or copy out.  A neat elastic strap holds it all together.  Dear me, perhaps I should have an elastic strap to hold myself together!  Now that is something to consider.

Along with our cooking theme, on this week’s Dodo Pad diary page is a notable date celebrating the birth on November 30, 1869 of Gustaf Dalen, founder of AGA cookers.  Dalen’s talent for science and invention were apparent at an early age.  He devised many new inventions in his lifetime and was dedicated to improvements in cooking, heat and light.  Despite being blinded by an explosion, his accomplishments in his work allowed him to receive many awards throughout his life, most notably the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1912.  Truly remarkable.

Such an exciting week here at Dodo Towers!  Happy festive cooking everyone!

Toodle-oo for now,

Miss P

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