Happy Christmas from Dodo Towers!

Hallooo dear Dodopadlers!  It’s Miss Peabody wishing you a very happy Christmas from all of us at Dodo Towers!

We are having a dodelightful festive season here.  I must say, all of my Christmas planning has paid off.  The Grand Hall looks grand indeed with our splendidly decorated Christmas tree placed directly at the foot of the stairs where it can be admired by one and all.  And I’ve placed the mistletoe in a very secret location hoping to catch Lord Dodo by surprise!  But so far, to no avail…

We have an elaborate Christmas dinner planned, which I predict will leave us all feeling like stuffed turkeys!  In addition to the bird will be my special cranberry sauce (a smidge of orange makes it especially tasty) and Lady Dodo’s famous parmesan brussels sprouts.  My Great-Great-Gran’s recipe for Christmas pudding, which I make every year, will of course be the featured dessert as usual, but there will be no shortage of other treats. After dinner we will waddle over to the television for the Queen’s speech, where I expect I will promptly nod off (as I usually do).

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!  If you get the chance to come and visit us here at Dodo Towers, do drop in.  You can come along wassailing with us!

Toodle-oo for now,

A very jolly, festive Miss P!

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