Hogmanay in the Highlands

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Hallooo, dear Dodopadlers!  Miss Peabody here!

My, my what a delightful festive season I’ve had!  I hope you all are enjoying the holidays as much as I am.  I’m pleasantly plump from all the delicious festive fare at our Christmas dinner here at Dodo Towers.  Now it’s time for some serious walking (it off)!  I’m off to beautiful Glen Dodoe to celebrate Hogmanay in the Highlands.  The bracing mountain air always does me good at this time of year and, dare I say it, nobody does a New Year celebration better than our friends north of the border!

Every year I trek up to Glen Dodoe and always bring my Dodo Travel Log along with me.  In it I record the details of my trip, places I’ve been, delicious meals eaten, sites seen. I love to look back at entries from years past and relive my travel experiences. On the pages I stick photos using the enclosed photo corners, and in the handy pockets I put tickets and souvenirs.  Each year I meet new people and add them to my ever-growing Addresses section (which is also useful for keeping the details of friends back home to send post cards to).  Before I go on my trip I check the useful websites list in my Travel Log for weather, transport and lodging information (always best to be prepared!).  And when I travel to farther-flung destinations (which I do occasionally) I find the lists of International Dialling Codes and Time Differences immensely useful.  And as with all of Lord Dodo’s inventions, this little book is enriched with drawings, wit and wisdom to inspire me on my journey.  The elastic strap holds it all together so it doesn’t flap around in my bag.   I just pop my Travel Log into my suitcase and off I go!

If you or someone you know plans to travel in 2010 then the Travel Log will be indodispensible.  And from now until January 15, 2010, you dear readers of my blog can get the Travel Log for 15% off when you enter the promotional code 09MP at checkout.

Happy New Year to you all and I wish you all the best in 2010.

Toodle-oo for now!

Miss P

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