Garden Plotting

15% off!

Hallooo dear Dodopadlers!  Miss Peabody here again!

Even though we are still in the throes of winter, warmer weather is just around the corner.  I’m sure all of you gardeners out there are hankering for spring and fantasizing about your glorious garden that will bloom in all its majesty.  I can just picture you all thumbing through your seed catalogues and looking out at your wintery garden, imagining what it will look like in a few months’ time when it is bursting with nature’s bounty.  But in order to make those dreams a reality, you know as well as I that quite a bit of planning is involved.

Luckily for us, Lord Dodo’s cultivated creation saves the day once again!  The Dodo Book of Garden Cuttings is just what a gardener needs to plan your plots, sort your seeds and harbour your harvest.

It has tabbed sections for each month, so you can plan exactly what you need to do and when.  You can note every step of the way to your glorious garden showcase with plenty of pages each month to record your seed orders, note growing conditions, control pest problems and chart your yields.  There is a wipe-clean laminated gridded Garden Planner to sketch out your ideas for your landscape design, erase and re-do until you get it just the way you want it.  Then there are plenty of gridded paper pages to make permanent sketches of your garden layout.

There are also numerous pockets for clippings, articles, or even storing your empty seed packets for future reference.   There’s an extensive ‘Notes’ section for those things you don’t want to forget, or perhaps even reminders for next year’s garden.  And of course throughout the book are Lord Dodo’s witticisms, illustrations and inspiration for garden greatness.

And as if that weren’t inspiring enough, as a reader of my musings, you can get the Book of Garden Cuttings for 15% off from now until February 21st ; just enter the code 09MP at checkout to automatically receive your discount.  That should get your garden party started in the right direction!

Happy planning!

Toodle-oo for now,

Miss P

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