DodoPadler of the Day: Laurie

Hallooo dear DodoPadlers!  Miss Peabody here!

We have a special treat today here on Miss Peabody Writes!  DodoPadler Laurie is an American living in Scotland with her family.  Laurie uses a Dodo Wall Acad-Pad to keep her family informed of everyone’s comings and goings throughout the week.  She was happy to share some details with me of how she uses her Wall Acad-Pad along with the Save The Day reminder stickers.  Here is what she has to say about her Dodo Pad:

Laurie's Wall Acad-Pad

“I hang my Dodo Wall Acad-Pad on the messageboard in the kitchen so that everyone can see it.  I’ve included a couple of photos of a recent week as an example.

I use the top page for To-Do lists, and this particular week my son added his representation of a Dodo, complete with stickers for the mouth and hats on his head!

Here is a close-up of the weekly grid so you can see how I use it:

Weekly grid

You can see that I use the first column in the grid as Today, which is for things like holidays, trash collection vs recycling collection day, or on Monday of this week our house guests were leaving that day.  Then each person in the household has his or her own column, so I can see who is doing what and when all week.  My kids love the Dodo stickers because they are cute and because they allow them to know what’s going on since they can’t read yet.  I like that this system allows them to be a part of planning the week for the whole family and encourages organization from an early age.

In the left margin I write the dinner menus for the week so that I can plan my shopping and I never have that awful feeling of looking into the fridge at 5:30 pm wondering what to make for dinner!

I also use the Dodo Pad diary A5 Filofax insert in my Filofax, which is wonderful for adding fun to my day.  In it I use the grid to block out different categories of tasks for each day: Appointments, Household (where I write my cleaning schedule), Homeschool, Work, Personal (where I record daily exercise and other goals).

I love Dodo Pad diaries because they are so fun and engaging and, they are different every single week of the year.  They are proof that time management doesn’t have to be boring!”

Many thanks Laurie! It is so fascinating to see how different people use their Dodo Pads in different ways – I think the dinner menu on the left hand side is pure, but simple genius – I shall be telling cook to do the same here at Dodo Towers!

Would you like your Dodo Pad to be featured here on Miss Peabody Writes?  Please do tell us how you use your Dodo Pad diary, send us photos of your diary doodles, or tell us a story about your Dodo Pad.  We love to hear from you!  If you would like to share something with us, please post a comment!

I hope to hear from you soon!

Toodle-oo for now,

Miss P


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2 responses to “DodoPadler of the Day: Laurie

  1. Moira

    Dear Miss Peabody,

    You know I never thought of starting the family one column along and leaving the first column as Lauries has done for household reminders.

    I’ve usually got all that in the end column and of course all my notes get forgotten about. I sometimes scribble things like Put out the Bins or Car Valet beside the date number but that almost makes an extra (and hard to read) column.

    My family have left home and now have their own families but I still write in – one family per column – to remind me what each family is doing eg granddaughter’s dancing display/midwife appts for my younger daughter/son in law going away on business/ etc. etc.

    I too, write in big letters on the ‘blanker’ page, things like ‘need teabags NOW’

    Miss Peabody, I don’t know what I would do without my DodoPad having had them since the very first issue way back in the 60s.

    Please thank Lord Dodo for the magic with which he comes up with these marvellous inventions like the Dodopad collection. Where would I be without the Christmas, Gardening and Visitors books? In a corner somewhere, tearing my hair out very likely indeed.

    Please keep them coming,


    Moira, Scotland

    A very grateful dodopadler.

    PPS A big thanks to Laurie for bringing attention to the use of first column for all household attention scribbles rather than, as I had it, for my own appts.

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