Lord Dodo’s generous offer for those of you who “Tweet” at him

The 2011 Dodo Pad Diary (or a Wall Pad calendar) could be yours if you follow Lord Dodo on Twitter!

Hellooo dear Dodopadlers!

As some of you may have noticed, Lord Dodo has recently ventured into the Twittersphere and is greatly enjoying “tweeting” with some of you.

So much, so it seems, that I find him checking his ‘Home Feed’ or responding to @mentions with increasing regularity.  It is due to his regular tweeting that it has been brought to my attention that those of you using Macs rather than PC’s are very regrettably unable to access the glorious gift that is the ‘Dodopad Advent Calendar’ (which was created by some years back by Lord Dodo for his esteemed friends’ dodelectation).

Being the splendidly generous old chap he is, Lord Dodo has asked me to relay the message that, if he gets to 5,000 followers by Christmas (as he has set his heart on having a Twitter following as large as “Justin Beakber” one day), he promises to create a newmulti-platform advent calendar in time for next year’s festivities.

In order to make the prospect of following his Dodoship on Twitter even more attractive he is offering a simply smashing deal!

We will give away a FREE 2011  Dodo Pad diary or Wall Pad calendar (depending on how many we have of each left in the recesses of the West Wing of Dodo Towers) to one lucky winner out of every 100 new Twitter followers!

And, because Christmas is getting ever closer, as a further incentive he will also be giving away a FREE 2011 Wall Pad calendar if you spend £8.50 or more at our shopping mall in cyberspace providing you enter the special secret Twitter code (which will be revealed to you when you follow Lord Dodo).  Just imagine the joy you will bring to friends and family everywhere when you present them with their very own Dodo Pad offering this year!  Their organisational needs in 2011 will be as effortless as a summer breeze!

So dear friends, please follow Lord Dodo on Twitter and help to make an old Dodo’s dreams come true – you will find him under the username @lord_dodo.

His Lordship looks forward to tweeting with you soon!


Miss P

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