Praise for the Dodo Pad!

The 2011 Dodo Wall Pad Calendar you could have for FREE!

Helloooo dear Dodopadlers!

It’s frosty here at Dodo Towers and we are busy decking the halls and preparing for our annual Christmas Staff Dinner tomorrow night!

Lord Dodo is always dodelighted to be appreciated by busy folk who like to stay as organised as possible so he was ever so happy to come across this lovely blog by Helena.

Helena shares with the interweb how pleased she was (after being rather attached to her Dodo Acad-Pad for some time) to discover that Lord Dodo also had a 2011 Wall Pad Calendar available.

You can read what she thinks of the Wall Pad Calendar here and don’t forget – if you would like to acquire one of your very own you can do so FOR FREE* if you simply follow Lord Dodo on Twitter (@lord_dodo)!  When you do so he will give you a secret code which will enable you to take home a 2011 Dodo Wall Pad calendar worth £12.95 when you spend just £8.50 in the Dodo Pad Online Shop!

I would hurry if I were you though – I feel he may have taken a knock to his head before making this offer.  It’s rather generous, even by his Dodoship’s standards!


Miss P

*while stock last – and I’m told they will not last past Christmas!

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