Ideas please, dear Dodopadlers!


Dear Dodopadlers – I am looking to you for some inspiration…

Some of you may have seen Lord Dodo’s rather stunning gift for Fearne Cotton which he posted on Flickr in an attempt to get it to her before this year’s Children In Need show.  Being the generous fellow he is, Lord Dodo had wished to raise oodles of money for the charity and was giving the brooch to Fearne in the hope that she might be able to wear it on the show and auction it off.

Despite Fearne’s mum and even Dannii Minogue trying to help us (via Twitter) unfortunately Fearne was unable to wear the brooch on the night. However she did send us this rather beautiful photograph of her holding it which Lord Dodo has since framed and placed on the mantle-piece next to one of his mugs in the Grand Hall at Dodo Towers.

The question now is what one should do with the brooch and we thought we would share this with our esteemed friends to see what you think (you are after all some of the most organised, creative, doodling masterminds in the world).

The brooch (which came into Lord Dodo’s possession a few years ago when he successfully bid for it to raise money for Children in Need) is totally unique – an utterly dodelightful one off crafted by none other than the glorious Kleshna  You may have noticed Cheryl Cole, Dannii Minogue and Simon Cowell wearing Kleshna’s British Legion poppies on X Factor this year.

One idea we had is to send the brooch to several glamorous celebrities between now and next year’s show in order that they can also take a photograph to add to Fearne’s.  We could pop all the photographs in a special Dodo Pad photo album so that next year we could auction off the brooch and the photo album and perhaps raise even more money than we would have this year… what do you think?  Do you have any ideas?

If you are the first person to come up with the idea that we decide to use, we will send you a free Dodo Wall Pad calendar worth £12.95! So come on dear Dodopadlers!  Get your thinking caps on and let us know what you think we should do for Children in Need.


Miss P

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