To PayPal or Not to PayPal

The esteemed Lord Dodo has been around a bit. That is not to say that he has been at all promiscuous (perish the thought), but rather refers to the fact that the 2013 Dodo Pad, now available on the Dodo Pad website, is the forty seventh edition. Forty seven years of offering muddle management, sharing clever and quirky quotes, facts, figures and the opportunity to make delightful doodles with hundreds of thousands of others.

Despite being something of a traditionalist Lord Dodo informs me that he moves with the times as he likes to keep up with current trends. For this reason I have been dispatched to ask you all, “To PayPal or not to PayPal?

Introducing PayPal as a method of payment for the Dodo Pad website is not really something of a necessity as the current secure payment facility which accepts all major cards is more than adequate. That said, customer service has always been of prime importance to those at Dodo Pad HQ therefore it would be remiss to neglect to ask what customers feel about PayPal.

My personal opinion for example, not as the Dodevoted author but as myself, is that PayPal is a fantastically convenient option and something that I use frequently. Many people I know use PayPal almost as another bank account as they have funds in their account from numerous sources, be that from selling on eBay, from work done or something entirely different. I favour sites that take PayPal as I can use up balance there towards shopping rather than have to be faddled with waiting 2-3 days for funds that are withdrawn to hit my bank.

My most humble opinion, which I will be sharing with Lord Dodo is that PayPal is a well-known, modern institution and, for me, a plus point for any website.

What is your opinion though? Do you favour websites that sport the PayPal logo or does it make no difference to how you shop. Perhaps you are of the mind-set that “if it aint broke, don’t fix it” therefore the payment system as it stands should stay as it is.

Lord Dodo and the Dodo Pad team are eager to hear your thoughts on this matter, as am I.




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7 responses to “To PayPal or Not to PayPal

  1. Excellent choice of payment methods, indeed. I had no idea that the DodoPad is so…erm..old! It would be lovely to see his baby pictures!

  2. princess fairy

    I love Paypal!!!! It is so quick and easy to use 🙂 xx

  3. I use paypal for all the reasons you mentioned! Great idea!

  4. I really dislike paypal. I set up my account many moons ago & used it a few times b4 the spam/hacking attacks started. I stopped using it until recently after finding more & more people asking for it so I gave it a 2nd chance. Just this week I have had 8 attacks on my paypal account and spammers trying to get my money/bank details…bye bye pay pal…NOT is my recommendation x

  5. Be aware of the problems with hackers & spam…i am closing my account with them due to this nightmare

  6. I don’t necessarily avoid companies that don’t use PayPal, but I do grumble quite a bit when I get to the payment stage of the ordering process and find it’s not an option. Lord Dodo doesn’t really want grumbling from his subjects, does he??

  7. PrincessZereh

    I think Lord Dodo has had the correct view over the past few years in neglecting PayPal and long may it continue. I was subject to considerable problems earlier in the year due to PayPal removing money from my bank account when I had not made any purchases for a considerable time. Does he really wish to put his loyal customers at risk of such difficulties?

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