Gardening Woes

It is well known amongst my friends and family that, to date, the only thing that I’ve been able to grow with any real success has been weeds. Actually I am putting myself down unnecessarily here, not only have I totally mastered the skill of growing weeds; I have excelled at filling my garden with them!

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Next month I move house and swap my long (eighty feet!) and thin garden / meadow for a large patio garden. You have no idea how much this excites me. Lord Dodo, who looked on in exasperation as I killed the cress, the beanstalk and the sunflower that my eldest son brought back from school, has given me a copy of the Dodo Book of Garden Cuttings, fixed upon me that look which tells me I really need to sort myself out, and has left me to it.


I freely admit that it is unlikely that I will ever be the Mother who sends her child with home-grown fruits and vegetables in an artfully arranged hamper for the school raffle or, at the end of the year, bestows upon the grateful teacher a bouquet of fragrant roses plucked from my own garden. To be honest I really am not sure whether it is entirely necessary for any parent to show the rest of us clutching shop-bought soap or chocolates up in this way. That said I would like to turn my garden into something that I can be proud of.

My children are keen gardeners and I envisage a costly trip to the garden centre for tubs, soil and whatever one needs when planting things is on the horizon. The issue that I have is, well, I have no idea where to start. Is it too late to plant anything now in time for spring? Is there anything I should avoid planting in a patio garden because it will attract wasps / bees or generally not be great for the kids?

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