The Dodo Pad Super Sale Continues

Over the past week the folks at Dodo Towers have been plagued by technological woes (thank you BT!). All is well again now and Lord Dodo has thankfully stopped pulling his feathers out  as you wouldn’t believe the mess this makes!  What the PC and server problems did remind everyone however is that, as much as technology is a key part of our existence these days, good old-fashioned pen and paper really is unbeatable.

The Dodo Pad is unlikely to erase itself, suffer untold hard drive errors, the blue screen of death or spontaneously combust which means that I may enjoy the organisational wonder that I simply can’t get anywhere else even if the internet goes down. Granted I can’t do much of anything else, however my beloved diary / planner will keep me right while I weather the techno-glitch storms that seem unavoidable from time to time.

If Santa forgot to deliver you your own Dodo Pad this year or you have your eye on one of the other organisational wonders on the website, then you need to hurry along to have a look at the Dodo Pad Super Sale. Sale items and offers will only last as long as stock allows so don’t delay and ensure that you tell your friends and family that Lord Dodo is practically giving things away.

Dodo Pad Calendar

The Monthly Dodo Planner Calendar , a brilliant addition to the 2013 diary/calendar range, is just £4.99 while the sale continues and is a great tool for organising and viewing your month at a glance. This easy to use planner coupled with the dodelightful quirkiness that the entire product range is infused with, will look fabulous anywhere in your home.  There are plenty of other Dodo Pad options to choose from on the website so that you may enjoy flexible organisation at a snip of the original price too.

There is a good chance that this post will at some point lead to a blog about the pros and cons of offline and online diary keeping. While I ponder the topic and discuss it with Lord Dodo, enjoy your Super Sale browsing!

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