Show Us Your Groovy Covers and Win!

When I was at school it was “done thing” to cover your French textbooks and the like with old (but cool obviously) wallpaper to protect them and make them look individual. After seeing the following tweet from an avid fan, @thebandmum Lord Dodo was extremely tickled to see that this trend has not only continued; it has taken a huge stylish step forward.

Dodo Pad, Decorated Planner

All at Dodo HQ love to see personalised Dodo Pads and Acad-Pads. After all, the whole point of the faithful organiser / diary is to provide personalised organisation that suits individual needs, wants and of course styles. So tickled to see this fabulous funky stickered Dodo Pad (with QR code still exposed so the owner is able to visit with ease whenever they like), it has been decided that perhaps a competition is in order.

Lord Dodo wants to see your uniquely decorated, jazzed up or bling festooned Dodo Pad or Acad-Pad and has promised that if more than six photos are posted on the Facebook page by the end of the week (deadline 3pm Friday) that he will offer a prize to the best designed entry.

If you want to show off your decorated Lord Dodo diary then simply post your photo and include a brief message about why you love your diary and you could be in with a chance to win.

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One response to “Show Us Your Groovy Covers and Win!

  1. You could also upload to Twitter with #groovycover 🙂

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