It may not be a Dodo Pad but….

…it’s INCREDIBLY precious and it was LOST!

Last week Lord Dodo spent four days at the Autumn Fair, a major trade show in Birmingham meeting existing and prospective new retailers and showing off our ‘wares’:

The Dodo Pad stand at the Autumn Fair

The Dodo Pad stand at the Autumn Fair

Along with our range of diaries and calendars and other organisers/stationery, something we’ve been thinking of doing for a while is adding a section to the Dodo Pad website with cool, quirky, colourful gift ideas that Lord Dodo LOVES but doesn’t actually produce!  A trade show full of other gift companies is the perfect opportunity to find such things. So on the third day of the show Rebecca, notebook in hand and carrier bag on shoulder, spent a good part of the day sourcing ideas and scribbling down notes in a very old, very precious notebook that goes WAY back and is full of important bits of information. By the end of Tuesday last week it was full of even more important notes and addresses and prices and agreed terms and business cards etc etc. The following afternoon (just before packing up time) she ran round some of the suppliers to pick up samples. With a bag full of goodies and back on the stand the rush was on to get out and get home. It’s a long drive back to Cornwall…

Thursday morning and unpacking in the office is complete. Everything stashed away and the bag stuffed of goodies is unpacked on the table….horror of horrors the notebook is not in the bag. Lost forever or left somewhere? Sinking feeling deep in stomach develops lest it be lost forever…

That dreadful ‘now where was I when I last remembered having it?’ thought took over. All the contact details for the various companies were in the notebook anyway so how would we be able to ‘track back’ and find it?

Serendipity (wonderful thing that…) took over at this stage. Deep in the bag was a single postcard with details for one stand only. We called and held our collective breath… ‘oh yes – I was just about to call you to get your address details so we could post it back to you’! PHEW and double PHEW!

How lucky was that? It  was left on a stand selling amazing glass nail files (very pretty and very colourful and very likely to appear on the Dodo Pad website before too long!). And here it is – it arrived this morning….



Have you ever had something like that happen and then all work out?

So watch this space in the next few weeks for ‘Lord Dodo LOVES’ – colourful, practical, quirky gift ideas chosen by Lord Dodo 🙂


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2 responses to “It may not be a Dodo Pad but….

  1. Clem Brine

    So pleased you got your notebook back! Years back (prob, 1990) I was at the W.I. A.G.M. at the Albert Hall and dropped my notebook behind the Albert Memorial during a lunchbreak stroll. Included in my jottings was a reference to a W.I. in Leicestershire, so the finder phoned W.I. House in Leicester where the people there realised it was mine and put the two of us in touch. It arrived 3 days later from Cheshire–result!!

  2. I only just got a notification of your comment – sorry! WordPress works in mysterious ways….wow – I can totally imagine how you felt on discovery and on being reunited!

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