When a little kindness reaps enormous pleasure

We are pretty good at Dodo Towers at getting the right product in the right package to the right customer – we get very few returns and even fewer complaints. Which is a big relief to Big Bird Lord Dodo who has a pathological hatred of careless mistakes. OK I said it.

But we are human (apart from Lord Dodo of course who is…well, a dodo of course) and it does occasionally happen.

Last week we had a very apologetic email from a new customer who thought she had made the mistake and picked the wrong item. She gently and very politely chided us for product descriptions that were too similar.


But in fact we quickly discovered that the mistake was all ours. The wrong code had been typed into the database and so instead of a wiro bound Acad-Pad desk diary she received a loose-leaf A5 Filofax compatible diary insert. We offered her the correct item and asked her to send the wrong one back – and we would pay her postage costs. But she confided that she had already written in it and felt she could not return it. I told her to keep it and we would still send the desk diary. But she insisted that she would stick with that version…

“I won’t be able to send it back as I already marked something on it. Could you please advise me on what folder I should get so it all looks okay as my wonderful way of binding it together by treasury tags is not too practical ;-)”

We again offered to send the correct item and suggested that alternatively she would find a reasonably priced Filofax binder on Ebay and that we would refund the difference in cost as her refill was cheaper than the desk diary.

Radio silence for two days.

I emailed again yesterday morning. She replied apologising that had been ill and told me that she’d definitely decided to keep the inserts; she didn’t feel she could ask us to send something else and not get a ‘saleable’ item back, but that she really wasn’t able financially to afford a binder and the ones she’d seen on Ebay were too expensive.

Now…I really, really wanted to help her. I am a member of two Facebook groups for Filofax Fans. I’ve found the members to be incredibly generous with their time and help over the years. Many of the group members have quite big collections of Filofax binders. And quite a few of them use the Dodo Pad or Acad-Pad diary inserts in their Filofax. I put out a plea in the early afternoon for anyone with an old A5 binder who might be willing to let it go to a good home. Within an hour or so I had two very generous offers – from people who didn’t want a penny in return. Just the pleasure of helping someone out.

Our customer is overwhelmed by the kindness shown to her.

“I am very grateful… I am really touched by this kindness. I would be happy with any of the Filofax folders, I am sure 🙂 I think a situation like this can show how amazing people can be. I am still a little bit speechless…”

I think we may have a lifelong Dodo Pad customer and, most probably, a permanent Filofax convert! And I feel good too – it’s made a big difference to her for a small amount of effort and the will to do something to help someone out.



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3 responses to “When a little kindness reaps enormous pleasure

  1. That’s lovely! If only more places had this helpful customer service!

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