A little bit of culinary nonsense to make you smile

If you know the Dodo Pad you will already be familiar with the fact that words are often ‘Dodo-ified. It’s just something that has grown over the years – a little bit of whimsy that Lord Dodo likes to pepper about the place. Like a well seasoned dish it’s important not to overdo it though. So you can be ‘dodevoted’ to your Dodo Pad ( a bit like this blog…) but not really ‘dododevoted’.

This month we’ve been gathering together original drawings from the past half century to create a new collection of greetings cards to help celebrate and mark Lord Dodo’s upcoming Golden Jubilee in 2015.

One of the artworks we found gathering dust (well not literally) from pre-digital days, is a suggested weekly menu. If you already have a Book for Cooks (that ever popular recipe organiser) it is possible you’ve seen this as it is reprinted towards the back of the book.

Today the menu got its very own page on the website via a link from the kitchen at Dodo Towers. Click on the menu between the windows on the right hand side of the room to see it in detail. If you’re in a hurry or don’t fancy a visit to the house, you can see it here too:


We would love to hear any culinary suggestions you have to accompany dishes like ‘Dodo in the Hole’ or ‘Devilled Dodo’. Comment here or fill in the form on the website. The best one will win a Book for Cooks. And who knows, the residents at Dodo Towers may soon have a far more interesting bill of fare from which to choose!



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4 responses to “A little bit of culinary nonsense to make you smile

  1. Dodo à l’Orange 🙂

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