WTF Voz You Born in Dis Country Special?

Absolutely nothing to do with ‘Dodevoted’, but this blog is written by a great friend of our head honcho at Dodo Pad and it is the most erudite and adroit blog on things political, social and fashion as it ‘should not be’. And side-rippingly funny as well. It deserves a wider audience and is a guaranteed laugh every Friday morning. Enjoy!


Hallo Readers,

WTF’s paternal grandparents came to this country from Poland to escape the pogroms and took up residence in Stepney Green. They both spoke English, albeit with a heavy Polish accent. During World War 2, their street was bombed flat and so they and their neighbours, also mostly Eastern European Jews, were evacuated to the country. The accents of the country folk proved to be well beyond the understanding of the newcomers to the extent that one of the old ladies leant over the fence and demanded of her neighbour, someone whose roots went back many generations, “Tell me. Voz you born in dis country?”. His reply was not recorded. Or, probably, printable.

WTF was reminded of this story when reading about UKIP Councillor William Henwood who objected to black actor Lenny Henry complaining about the under-representation of ethnic minorities on TV. Henwood tweeted that Henry “should emigrate to a black country. He does not…

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