So much to say, so much to show and so little time to Christmas! – Speed Post 1 – Doodle by Stitch

This is a speed post – a bit like in a speed dating session you have to cover a lot of people in a short time and make some quick decisions before you move on. Not that I have any experience whatsoever of speed-dating. But I’m hoping the analogy fits…here goes:

You may already know and love the Dodo Pad and Dodo Pad products (if you don’t then here is a quick introduction) but we now have a whole section on the website totally ‘dodedicated’ to stuff that Lord Dodo LOVES… which incidentally make fine Christmas Gifts but are not necessarily a diary-calendar-stationery-sort-of-thing. You can read the full details here as to how we started this little online shopping (ad)venture!

These are the criteria for selection:

Is it well designed? (essential)

Is is fun?

Is it useful?

Is it colourful?

Is it quirky?

If the answer is yes to all or most of the above and it doesn’t break the bank (prices start at £1.99 for a clever set of page markers) and we love it then it gets a spot in Lord Dodo LOVES…Click on the pics to go straight to the spot in the shop where you will find them. No messing about. Teleport yourself there. Now.

DSPC_500px_ds  DSAC-child-apron

Write on draw on wash out, doodle-able, strong neoprene-lined pencil case, complete with a set of wash out marker pens (we do refill marker pen sets too!)

This brilliant idea (providing the potential to doodle and draw and then start over with a blank canvas) comes as iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini cases, aprons (two styles – notepaper design shown here), placemats and even reusable canvas bunting! From £10.95 and nothing over £20.

Speed post two tomorrow!

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