Not just a diary: 10 alternative uses for your Dodo Pad

As diaries go, the Dodo Pad is pretty damn cool. Even if we say so ourselves.

But when the late, great Sir John Verney dreamt up this unique and quirky organisational tool, did he realise he’d also created a pretty nifty gadget for other day-to-day stuff that quite frankly means it’s genius, not just cool?  Here are a few ideas below (but feel free to to tell us any other weird and wonderful ways in which you put your Dodo Pad to good use)…

1. Chair prop1. Propping up a table Everyone knows sitting down for dinner at a table with a wonky leg is one of the most annoying things known to man and womankind. But, fear not, if you’ve got your Dodo Pad on hand, wobbly tables and sliding bowls of soup will be a thing of the past. Alternatively, if folded into eight, a single Dodo Pad page is perfect for wedging up a rickety table or chair or even stuffing into a shaky sash window.

2. Making paper boats Finished sheets can be torn out and are especially suitable for making paper boats, darts, aeroplanes, book markers or tapers for lighting a barbecue. Of course, that’s if you can bear to rip up your beautiful diary. P.S. paper boats will not survive in real water for long and paper aeroplanes are not suitable for long-haul flights.

2. Paper boats

3. Swatting flies The Dodo Pad makes an ideal weapon for swatting flies. Held flat on the palm of the hand, it can also be used as a missile against wasps and mosquitoes on the ceiling. No pics to demonstrate, sorry, the flies have disappeared into the ether…

4. Burglar distractor “While he was giggling over my Dodo Pad I was able to get dressed and call the police” (Name supplied)4. Burglar Distractor

5. Doodling/learning to draw    Special facilities are provided in the design of the Dodo Pad for this essential activity. The Dodo Pad encourages you to doodle to your heart’s content – thereby preserving utility bills, catalogues and newspapers from random scribbles. NB. It’s fair to say that not all doodles will be as good as the one below which won Lord Dodo’s 2015 National Doodle Day competition…do try your hand this year if you’ve not already done so – you have until 28th March to get your entry in and all donations go straight to Epilepsy Action.
5. Doodling.learning to draw
6. Unusual Wall Art We all know the Dodo Pad is a work of art when it’s not coming into its own organising life, how about using it as alternative art for your home? Certainly not to be found on the shelves at Dunelm Mill, but thinking outside of the box never did Tracey Emin any harm did it? Of course, there’s always the monthly Dodo Planner Calendar for the more traditional among you.6. Unusual wall art

7. Laptop ventilator

7. Laptop ventilator Here’s a practical one. Simply place the metal coil of your Dodo Pad under your laptop (as illustrated) creating an air vent to stop your machine overheating. It also works as a raised stand for comfier typing – both achieved in one simple move!

8. Scrap book

8. Scrap book When you run out of grown up things to write down (you know, like appointments, meetings and other serious stuff) use your Dodo Pad instead as a scrap book/journal/photo album to create a keepsake of cool things you’ve done. Check out this beautiful specimen from an actual Dodo Pad fan.

9. 0s & Xs

9. Play Os and Xs If you’ve some spare time to kill and haven’t yet filled your diary with important stuff to do, the unique grid design makes a handy little board game on the go.

10. Origami Lord Dodo, ever the artist at heart, has preserved some precious Dodo Pad pages by creating some pretty cool origami. As it’s Easter time soon, here  are some origami bunnies, which it’s fair to say are actually rather cute. Thanks to Vicky and Georgie for their paper folding efforts 🙂 !!

Now, over to you. We’ve given you a good start, but we can’t wait to hear some of your quirky uses for your Dodo Pad.

Look forward to hearing from you!
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Dodo Pad, Managing Director

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