Midsummer Madness? We made a mistake and we’re very sorry. But, if it’s your birthday…

This year’s Summer Solstice is on Friday 21st June 2019 and, alongside International Surfing Day illustrated the day before, the current Dodo Acad-Pad diary proudly displays this important day otherwise known as the longest day of the year.

2018/19 Dodo Acad-Pad

June 21st – nothing wrong so far but look a little closer. We’ve completely forgotten 22nd June (but all is back to normal the following week – phew!).

Mistakes do very occasionally happen and in our 53 year proud history there have been a few. Lord Dodo may by superhuman but the people who lovingly create his diaries each year are human. The Dodo Pad and Acad-Pad are hand crafted – first comes the mid year Acad-Pad diary, followed by the calendar year Dodo Pad diary using much of the same artwork. All artwork is checked not once but three times (by the designer, a proofreader and me, Rebecca Jay, and I’m ultimately ‘the buck stops here’ person).

So, in February 2018, whilst proofreading the 2019 Dodo Pad before it went to print, we spotted the error. We’d all missed it and we were pretty devastated. Not only was the 2018/19 Acad-Pad printed, it was already in the shops and available online through third-party websites.

We immediately created the correction sticker above, sent it to all our direct customers who had ordered Acad-Pads from our website and made sure all future copies were sent out with the sticker included.

It just wasn’t possible to recall all copies ‘out there’ and so, if you got one of those and have still not spotted the missing day, we apologise profusely.

And, if it’s your birthday on Saturday 22nd June, we wish you a very Happy Birthday! Email us a pic of your current Acad-Pad by Friday 21st and proof you were born on the 22nd and we’ll send you the new 2019/20 Acad-Pad completely free (and a correction sticker if you still need one…)

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One response to “Midsummer Madness? We made a mistake and we’re very sorry. But, if it’s your birthday…

  1. Jane McCourt

    Darn it I am 17th June!! Hee heee!! Actually in 2020, the government have just changed the early May Bank Holiday from the Monday to the Friday of the same week, in 2020 to celebrate VE Day 75 years!! Articles on the BBC web site. xxxx

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