About Dodevoted

HSB dodo

Dodevoted is a series of occasional ramblings about anything and everything to do with the Dodo Pad, written variously by the rather reclusive Lord Dodo, ‘passionate-about-stationery’ guest bloggers and more often by the overworked, underpaid but passionate about the Dodo Pad, Rebecca Jay.

Rebecca has been at the helm of the Dodo Pad for over 23 years, attempting to steer it in the right direction, although at times she admits to feeling rudderless! Mother, wife, self -diagnosed stationery addict and one-time head honcho of an outpost office of a very big, well-known advertising agency, she unexpectedly found herself experiencing first time ‘late onset motherhood’ aged 40 and decided that a career change was required.  A chance call from her best friend, when her son was just a few weeks old and she had nothing better to do with her time (not), led to her helping to save it from a fate worse than extinction.

As a busy woman juggling many balls at once, the Dodo Pad has been something of a saviour and has in one swift movement cured her of her rather obsessional post-it note use. She solemnly states that the world’s trees owe Lord Dodo a great debt.

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