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The Floating Saint

One of the things that I adore about my Dodo Pad (other than the fact that it keeps me from suffocating under a pile of post-it notes or sobbing over missed deadlines and appointments) are the quirky facts, sayings and amusing tidbits that await me on each new week.  Obviously I need to skip ahead to future weeks to add reminders or relevant pieces of information however I am very careful to advert my eyes. I imagine that if I read through them all at once it would be like eating all of the chocolate in your advent calendar only to realise the next day that your treats were finished and you had nothing to look forward to until next year.

The reason for this post is to share one of these fabulous entries.  After having a browse through some of Lord Dodo’s archives I came across an entry that showed that last week, back in 1976 (yes, Lord Dodo has been around for a while now!), the Dodo Pad informed its users that not only did the exceptionally well known Sir Christopher Wren die in 1723, but on Monday 23rd February, the event of note was the Feast Day of St. Milburga.

St Mildburgha as featured in 1976

Having never heard of her or him (it is a ‘her’), I hit the mighty Wiki for more information. It turns out that St. Milburga, the daughter of the King of Mercia was a Benedictine abbess. She did quite well for herself actually, no doubt aided by her noble lineage and became the abbess of the Wenlock Abbey in Shropshire.

This is fairly impressive; after all, there were only so many abbeys to go around so you had to be considered pretty special to be given the keys to one of them. It turns out however, that according to legend not only was the good lady a devout abbess who ruled Wenlock with a hand that was both firm and fair; it seems that St. Milburga had superpowers! While she didn’t wear a lycra suit and rescue peasants from terrible enemies she did, it has been told, have the power of levitation. There is also the suggestion that she had an almost unearthly power over birds however Lord Dodo has made it quite clear that this is total and utter tosh (yet has no issue with the idea that she could float above the ground?!).

So there you have it, just one entry and a quick Google and I know about a saint that I hadn’t heard of previously, and one, no less, with super powers! The inclusion of something supernatural is quite apt actually as I have been known to liken the organisational benefits of my trusted Dodo Pad to something other-worldly.

While I ponder on how St. Milburga escaped being branded a witch, having these magical powers (unless they were attributed to her after she died?) I have to ask you: Who is your favourite saint? You needn’t be religious to enjoy the tales of historical figures that were later given the title, and I am hoping to hear about some other saint that perhaps I haven’t come across before.

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Show Us Your Groovy Covers and Win!

When I was at school it was “done thing” to cover your French textbooks and the like with old (but cool obviously) wallpaper to protect them and make them look individual. After seeing the following tweet from an avid fan, @thebandmum Lord Dodo was extremely tickled to see that this trend has not only continued; it has taken a huge stylish step forward.

Dodo Pad, Decorated Planner

All at Dodo HQ love to see personalised Dodo Pads and Acad-Pads. After all, the whole point of the faithful organiser / diary is to provide personalised organisation that suits individual needs, wants and of course styles. So tickled to see this fabulous funky stickered Dodo Pad (with QR code still exposed so the owner is able to visit with ease whenever they like), it has been decided that perhaps a competition is in order.

Lord Dodo wants to see your uniquely decorated, jazzed up or bling festooned Dodo Pad or Acad-Pad and has promised that if more than six photos are posted on the Facebook page by the end of the week (deadline 3pm Friday) that he will offer a prize to the best designed entry.

If you want to show off your decorated Lord Dodo diary then simply post your photo and include a brief message about why you love your diary and you could be in with a chance to win.

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The Dodo Pad Super Sale Continues

Over the past week the folks at Dodo Towers have been plagued by technological woes (thank you BT!). All is well again now and Lord Dodo has thankfully stopped pulling his feathers out  as you wouldn’t believe the mess this makes!  What the PC and server problems did remind everyone however is that, as much as technology is a key part of our existence these days, good old-fashioned pen and paper really is unbeatable.

The Dodo Pad is unlikely to erase itself, suffer untold hard drive errors, the blue screen of death or spontaneously combust which means that I may enjoy the organisational wonder that I simply can’t get anywhere else even if the internet goes down. Granted I can’t do much of anything else, however my beloved diary / planner will keep me right while I weather the techno-glitch storms that seem unavoidable from time to time.

If Santa forgot to deliver you your own Dodo Pad this year or you have your eye on one of the other organisational wonders on the website, then you need to hurry along to have a look at the Dodo Pad Super Sale. Sale items and offers will only last as long as stock allows so don’t delay and ensure that you tell your friends and family that Lord Dodo is practically giving things away.

Dodo Pad Calendar

The Monthly Dodo Planner Calendar , a brilliant addition to the 2013 diary/calendar range, is just £4.99 while the sale continues and is a great tool for organising and viewing your month at a glance. This easy to use planner coupled with the dodelightful quirkiness that the entire product range is infused with, will look fabulous anywhere in your home.  There are plenty of other Dodo Pad options to choose from on the website so that you may enjoy flexible organisation at a snip of the original price too.

There is a good chance that this post will at some point lead to a blog about the pros and cons of offline and online diary keeping. While I ponder the topic and discuss it with Lord Dodo, enjoy your Super Sale browsing!

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