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Beautiful new slipcover colours!

Hallooo Dear Dodopadlers! Miss Peabody here with some exciting ‘new-product’ news!

Our new batch of gorgeous slipcovers has arrived! There are new colours this year for the Italian leather slipcovers, and a new Nubuck line of covers that is positively divine.

Our slipcovers are uber-exclusive and there are very limited quantities of all colours, especially the natural hide covers in elegant Ecru and decadent Royal Purple (created in honour of the recent Royal Wedding):

Leather cover selection

The sensuous new recycled Nubuck covers have a suede-like feel making them wonderful to hold in your hands (and happily, unlike some suedes, are very stain-resistant):

Nubuck covers

The smooth recycled leather covers come in a variety of cheery colours:

Recycled leather covers

The faux leather covers are made of man-made materials and have a wonderfully leather-like look and feel. (You may have already seen my post about how much I love my iridescent lilac faux leather slipcover.)

Faux leather covers

You’re sure to find a colour that suits you!

The slipcovers come in the Desk and Mini sizes to fit your original or mini size Dodo Pad or Acad-Pad diaryClick here and scroll down to see all the colours for each size in your choice of leather, nubuck, or faux leather.

These covers are perfect for protecting your diary all year, or for keeping the exuberance of your Dodo under wraps for those more staid environs.

The front and back covers of your diary slip into the cover, then slip out again to be replaced by the following year’s diary so you can enjoy using your slipcover for years to come.

(Here’s a secret: some Dodopadlers own several slipcovers in various colours to match their bag, their ensemble or even their mood and swap them accordingly!)

Production took place in a studio on the banks of the River Arno in Florence – lucky Lord Dodo got to see them being made! It’s finished for this year’s batch of slipcovers, which means all of these beautiful covers are Limited Edition and when they are gone, they are completely gone. So don’t hesitate to order the colour you want, we wouldn’t want you to be disappointed!

Which is your favourite colour? I can’t decide which is more stunning, the Ecru or Royal Purple natural hide covers, or the Aqua Nubuck cover!  They’re all fabulous, aren’t they??

Toodle-oo for now!

Miss P

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2011-2012 Acad-Pad diaries available now, with a new addition to the range!

The 2011-2012 Acad-Pad diary range now available

Hallooo dear Dodopadlers, it’s Miss Peabody here with some thrilling news!

The 2011-2012 Acad-Pad diaries are now available to help you organise your academic year. Oh I do get so excited when the new diaries come out!

And this year I’m especially exuberant about the Acad-Pads because there is a newly added feature and a new A5 Filofax-compatible format!

The new feature is the addition of a very clever timetable that allows you to record your class schedule, activities and other recurring weekly events for convenient reference.

New Time Table page helps you keep track of your schedule

And, the new A5 Filofax-compatible format (already available in the calendar year Dodo Pad) has been introduced by popular demand!

Acad-Pad A5 Filofax-compatible format!

The entire Acad-Pad diary range now consists of the original Desk diary, the visible-to-all Wall calendar, the extremely portable Mini size, the Personal size Filofax-compatible diary insert and now the larger A5 Filofax-compatible diary insert. You’re sure to find an Acad-Pad size and format to fit your academic lifestyle needs!  Click here to see the entire Acad-Pad range.

This year’s cheery cherry-red cover will allow you to find your Acad-Pad easily on your desk or in your bag!

2011-2012 Acad-Pad's cherry red cover

Long-time Acad-Pad users will also notice this year’s version has an updated new look inside and out, whilst still retaining the original grid format and weekly-changing fun art (which is designed to inspire doodling, thus keeping your textbooks and classroom surfaces doodle-free).

Speaking of doodling, the 2010 winning doodle of the National Doodle Day competition’s Under 17’s category is proudly displayed alongside the entry form for National Doodle Day 2012, to inspire you to enter a world-class doodle of your own!

Our Acad-Pads are already selling fast.  Click here to select your desired Acad-Pad diary format(s).  Order yours soon to avoid disappointment, and enjoy planning your entire academic year!

Toodle-oo for now!

Miss P

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Dodo Old Proverbial Mug: French Proverb

Halloo dear Dodopadlers! Miss Peabody here!

I wanted to share a couple of photos with you of my Dodo Old Proverbial Mug with the French proverb, “It is always the impossible that happens.”  Here you see it filled to the brim with my morning cuppa:

Dodo French Proverbial mug

Flying Dodo!

It does indeed seem to be the “impossible” things that happen!  This quote inspires me every day.

Lord Dodo has a grand selection of twelve old proverbs from around the world to choose from. They make for a fascinating glimpse of other cultures through their sayings!  And each mug features fun illustrations of the famous Dodo.  Click here to see the entire selection of old proverbs.

Which old proverb inspires you most? Do tell…

Toodle-oo for now!

Miss P

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Remarkable Dodo Pad diary bargains on Ebay!

Hallooo dear Dodopadlers! Miss Peabody here with some very exciting news about astonishingly low prices on this year’s Dodo Pad diaries!

I want to share with you some especially remarkable Dodo Pad diary bargains available now on Ebay! Lord Dodo has really gone above and beyond to bring you extremely low prices on his iconic diary in various formats including the fabulous new Filofax-compatible inserts. It is almost time to do our annual stock take or ‘take of stock’ as we like to call it – so you can ‘take’ it and we have less (if any!) to count at the end of the month…

The prices are SO incredibly discounted, it’s a great opportunity for those of you who haven’t yet personally experienced the delights of the Dodo Pad diary to try it for next to nothing. (However consider yourself duly warned: Dodo Pad products are highly addictive, and most find once they’ve enjoyed the mirthful organisation of the Dodo Pad they don’t want to be without it!)

Click here to see the 2011 Dodo Pad diary refill compatible with the personal size Filofax for only £1.50 (yes, just 1 pound 50!)


Dodo Pad diary for Personal size Filofax

You can also get the  Dodo Pad diary refill combined with the PersonalPOD organiser (click here) for an exceptionally low price!  The PersonalPOD ring binder holds your Dodo Pad diary insert in style. With pockets inside the covers and a handsome elastic strap to hold it shut securely, your PersonalPOD will keep you organised on the go!

Ingenious PersonalPOD for your Dodo Pad diary insert

For those of you who are interested in trying the 2010-2011  Dodo Acad-pad diary refill combined with the PersonalPOD organiser, click here for the product page.

Dodo Acad-Pad diary insert

Or you can get just the Acad-Pad diary refill (click here) also for just £1.50.

In addition to these excellent Filofax-compatible diary formats, you can also get the Dodo Wall Pad and Mini Dodo Pad Diary for very low prices (see below)!

Click here to get the 2011 Dodo Wall Pad (which I personally find absolutely indodispensible) for an exceptionally low price.


2011 Dodo Wall Pad

And be sure to pocket the very portable  Dodo Pad mini diary (click here) for a mere £4.25 – there are very few of these left though…

Dodo Pad Mini diary fits easily in your bag

You can click here to see all of Lord Dodo’s special Ebay offers.

Don’t miss out on these wonderful opportunities to get your 2011 Dodo Pad diary whether in Wall, Mini, or Filofax format at exceptionally low prices! But don’t delay because once they are gone they are well and truly gone.

Toodle-oo for now!

Miss P

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My Dodo Pad Diary Slipcover

Hallooo dear Dodopadlers! Miss Peabody here.

I want to share with you some photos of my lovely Dodo Pad diary cover in Iridescent Lilac. I just love the colour, and its soft smoothness.

Faux leather cover in Iridescent Lilac. Dodo Pad is subtly embossed on the front.

My Dodo Pad diary tucks neatly and securely into the cover front:

Inside front cover

and back:

Inside back cover

The slipcover does a great job of protecting my Dodo Pad diary in my bag whilst I shuttle to and fro.

Convenient elastic strap on cover

I especially like the way this page spread looks with the lilac cover, purple wire binding, and purple-and-white colour scheme. I had to take a snap in its pristine form before I took pen to paper and filled in my week.

Elastic strap can also be used to mark current page

A leather or faux leather slipcover is a great addition to your Dodo Pad or Acad-Pad diary if, like me, your diary spends a lot of time roughing it in your bag.  Or, if you just like to keep the exuberant cover of your Dodo Pad under wraps you can cleverly disguise it inside one of these lovely covers.

There are slipcovers to fit the desk and mini size diaries.  The selection of slipcovers is wide (but this year’s stocks are dwindling, so dodon’t delay if you are interested in these!). The next collection arrives in May but some of these colours here will never again be repeated – A Dodo Pad slipcover is just so high fashion!

Leather slipcovers for the Dodo Pad desk and mini diaries

Faux leather slipcover selection

Click here to see the full selection of colours remaining of the leather and faux leather slipcovers for the Dodo Pad desk and mini size diaries!

Toodle-oo for now!

Miss P

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Dodo Wall Pad Chore Chart

Hallooo dear Dodopadlers!  Miss Peabody here!

Do you (like many of us) find it challenging to keep your household in tip-top condition, especially with multiple people in the house?  The secret is for everyone to do their part in the housework.  To accomplish this it’s important to keep everyone on the same page (literally!) when delegating duties.

Once again, Lord Dodo has an ingenious method for sorting chores and keeping everyone informed: use a Dodo Wall Pad as a chore chart!

Dodo Wall Pad as Chore Chart

Recurring weekly chores can be written on the clear wipe-off sheet and moved week to week to avoid onerous re-writing:

Moveable clear wipe-off sheet

Rotating weekly chores can be written on the weekly diary pages so everyone knows exactly what their job is every day, every week:

Write this week's chores for each person on the diary page

Combine the weekly recurring with daily specific chores, and everyone knows what they need to do each day!

Weekly chores, sorted!

The result (in principle!) is a smoothly-running household. Hang your Chore Chart in the kitchen near the fridge, or somewhere easily seen by everyone in your home. No more excuses for shirking duties, due to being uninformed!

This method works extremely well for flatmates too: everyone knows what they are expected to take care of each week, preventing communication breakdowns and inevitable irritation. The house is clean, and everyone’s happy!

How do you use your Dodo Wall Pad? Please do post a comment and tell us all about it!

Toodle-oo for now!

Miss P

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Enter your doodle in the National Doodle Day competition!

Hallooo dear Dodopadlers! It’s Miss Peabody!

Today I want to “draw” your attention to a very important event this week.  Those of you using a Dodo Pad and/or Acad-Pad diary will notice this Friday 11 February is National Doodle Day!  Dodo Pad is very proud to support the charity Epilepsy Action to raise money to benefit those whose lives are affected by epilepsy.

This week (commencing 7 Feb) in your Dodo Pad or Acad-Pad diary there’s an entry form to submit your doodle to the National Doodle Day contest for your chance to win prizes! For more entry forms, click here for the Doodle Day website and click on their link to download more entry forms.

When you send your doodle to Dodo Pad, it will be judged by Lord Dodo himself! His favorite doodle from the under 17’s and over 17’s categories will each feature in a future edition of the Dodo Pad and/or Acad-Pad diary as well as being put forward into the national competition! Here is the Under 17’s winner of LAST year’s National Doodle Day competition in the NEXT Acad-Pad(2011/12):

National Doodle Day 2010 Under 17's winning doodle

Pollina Cant's 2010 winning doodle opposite National Doodle Day 2012!

So sharpen those pencils and send in your doodle entry for your chance to win!

Schools, businesses, groups and individuals can get involved, click here to register your interest and show your support of National Doodle Day by submitting your doodles.

And while you’re at it, have a look at to vote for your favorite celebrity doodle!

Hurry to submit your doodles, the closing date for entries is Friday 4th March, 2011!  Don’t miss out on this chance to have your artistic talents recognised for the benefit of a very worthy charity.

And for those of you who are sadly without a Dodo Pad diary this year, you can remedy your Dodo-less situation AND have ten percent of the net value of your order donated to National Doodle Day. Click here for more details and scroll down for your special promotional code.

Many thanks to all the National Doodle Day participants! Your support is greatly appreciated.

Toodle-oo for now and Happy Doodling!

Miss P

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