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Want to meet Lord Dodo at the 2015 Cornwall Macmillan Christmas Fair at the Eden Project next week?

Lord Dodo is about to don his pinny and dress his stall at his annual Christmas charity fair outing to the Eden Project in aid of Cornwall Macmillan.

Cornwall Macmillan Christmas Fair

On Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th November, Cornwall’s largest and most vibrant Christmas Fair aims to raise the largest single amount for Macmillan in Cornwall this year.

For two days the Eden Kitchen, between the two Biomes, will play host to a twinkling and glorious selection of Christmas gifts, home accessories, stocking fillers, clothing, jewellery, food and drink and there will be something to suit every taste and budget. There are over 50 different stalls so if you live in or near Cornwall (or even further away!), please join us for a magical event that hopes to raise the most ever for this wonderful charity.


The Eden Project is very generously offering FREE ENTRY for all visitors on Thursday, so tickets only need to be purchased for the Fair itself. All proceeds, including 15% of all stall-holder takings, go direct to Cornwall Macmillan Cancer Support.
Wednesday 11th November 2015: 6pm – 9.30pm
Preview Event Tickets are £25.00 and include supper and wine, preview and shopping! For tickets please follow the link.

Thursday 12th November 2015: 10am – 4pm 
Thursday Tickets are £15.00 and include a light lunch, shopping and FREE ENTRY access to the entire Eden Project for the day! For tickets please follow the link.

As well as showcasing our fabulous Golden Jubilee 2016 diary and calendar edition we’ll have a wide selection of leather slipcovers, twinkly Swarovski pens and pencils, pen loops and stationery gifts that should satisfy any stationery lover’s desires! We look forward to seeing you there. And thank you 🙂
2016 Golden Jubilee editions of the Dodo Pad in all formats will be on sale!


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Shame on you Royal Mail!

Every now and again we get one of these:

There is a fee to pay....

There is a fee to pay….

Postage underpayment – and we pop down to the Royal Mail sorting office and pay the difference – it’s normally about £1 extra to pay and contains a customer order and we just take it on the chin, as you do.

For the past few years in early February we’ve run a doodling competition for National Doodle Day in our Dodo Pad and Acad-Pad diaries in aid of Epilepsy Action to raise awareness and funds for the great work they do in supporting sufferers and their families living and coping with epilepsy.

We invite customers and their families to do a doodle and either post it to us or send it via email. Over the past couple of years, postal entries have declined as the cost of sending an entry is almost as much as the minimum suggested donation, since the ‘large letter format’ came in and the cost to send a large letter shot up in price.

One customer, who missed the deadline for this year’s competition, told us she would send in her entry so it arrived in good time for the 2016 competition. She called to check we’d got last week – no entry had arrived 😦 We checked the address with her, asked if she had remembered to stamp it (!) and she confirmed that her post office had told her the correct stamp to use…and through a short process of elimination we realised that her entry was languishing in the sorting office waiting for us to pick it up.

At the weekend I collected a ‘large letter’ from the local sorting office in Truro. I explained that this envelope contained an entry to a charity competition, the lady had made a £2 donation, bought a first class stamp (on the advice of her post office) and it seemed harsh that we had to pay almost the equivalent of her entire donation to the Royal Mail in order to accept her entry.

‘It’s more than my job’s worth’ was the explanation given when I asked the chap to waive the fee in the circumstances. I think he was sympathetic but helpless; the Royal Mail has become so rigid and unsympathetic – even when it was a ‘mistake’ by one of their own staff! The upshot is that not only does a deserving charity lose out, but any allegiance we feel to the Royal Mail is further damaged.

So Royal Mail, would you like to redeem yourselves and make an ex gratia donation to National Doodle Day? We’d welcome your doodle entry – entry form available here – but would be pleased to send it on to Epilepsy Action with or without a supporting doodle. That would be nice…but we’re not holding our breath.


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Get organised day – The Dodo Monthly Muddle Manager review and giveaway!

We just SO loved this blog post today on ‘Get Organised Day’ in National Stationery Week, by stationery lover, Amanda Carter at we asked if we could reblog it here! If you want to enter Amanda’s competition please leave a comment on her original post rather than here!


Today is Get Organised Day and the fab people at Dodo Pad have given me one of their new Monthly Muddle Manager pads to review and an extra one for me to give away to you!
Get organised day

First of all I have to say “Monthly Muddle Manager” rolls off of the tongue nicely, as I have said before I love a bit of alliteration!  “What is the Monthly Muddle Manager?” I hear you ask.  Well it is a large, A3 size pad for your desk that has an undated calendar printed on each page. You choose which month you want to start with and fill in the date boxes (Can you call triangles boxes? I mean, I am, but I’m not sure it’s the right word?) and write the month in the top right corner.

Each day has three sections for AM, PM and Evening so you can easily see what you have scheduled and which part of the day it is on.  There are some Dodo Pad style illustrations around the outside edges to make it more interesting and some blank spaces to add your own doodles, random thoughts or phone numbers too.

A month at a glance 

The Monthly Muddle Manager (sorry, I just like saying it!) is made from thick card so it is durable and hard wearing and has 30 calendar pages per pad so it will last you two and a half years!  “Oh yeah but bottom of the page will get all crumpled and the corners will curl up and look a mess!” I imagine some of you are thinking but no, no they wont because the people who make it are very, very clever!  They thought that could happen too so they came up with a smart idea, they glued the pages together at the bottom of the pad instead of the top so no matter how much you use it and write on it you wont “worry” or rumple the sheets.

Glued on the bottom – what a great idea!

I really like being able to see my whole month at once without having to open my Filofax and flip through to the right section.  If I am on the phone and need to check a date or make a note of something it is right next to me and I can jot it down or scribble in the margin if it’s a long call and I’m getting bored.  The size also means I wont knock it off my desk or miss place it like I have done before with smaller pads!

If you would like to win your own Monthly Muddle Manager all you have to do is comment below telling me what year the first Dodo Pad diary was made, you can find the answer here.  I will number all the comments and then use to pick a winner.

The rules:
  • Leave a comment telling me what year the first Dodo Pad diary was made – one entry per person please.
  • The giveaway ends at 12pm UK time on the 10th May 2015 – entries after this time will not be added to the draw.
  • The winner must contact me within 7 days to claim their prize or I will have to draw a new winner.
  • This giveaway is open internationally.
One for me and one for you

Dodo Pad are another of the official sponsors of National Stationery Week so if you would like to support them please give their Facebook page a like and follow them on Twitter too.


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WTF Voz You Born in Dis Country Special?

Absolutely nothing to do with ‘Dodevoted’, but this blog is written by a great friend of our head honcho at Dodo Pad and it is the most erudite and adroit blog on things political, social and fashion as it ‘should not be’. And side-rippingly funny as well. It deserves a wider audience and is a guaranteed laugh every Friday morning. Enjoy!


Hallo Readers,

WTF’s paternal grandparents came to this country from Poland to escape the pogroms and took up residence in Stepney Green. They both spoke English, albeit with a heavy Polish accent. During World War 2, their street was bombed flat and so they and their neighbours, also mostly Eastern European Jews, were evacuated to the country. The accents of the country folk proved to be well beyond the understanding of the newcomers to the extent that one of the old ladies leant over the fence and demanded of her neighbour, someone whose roots went back many generations, “Tell me. Voz you born in dis country?”. His reply was not recorded. Or, probably, printable.

WTF was reminded of this story when reading about UKIP Councillor William Henwood who objected to black actor Lenny Henry complaining about the under-representation of ethnic minorities on TV. Henwood tweeted that Henry “should emigrate to a black country. He does not…

View original post 1,135 more words

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Gorgeous Gift Vouchers!

Well…it’s been a while coming but we’ve finally got these up on the website – just in time for Mothers’ Day gift ideas 🙂

You wouldn’t believe the back office issues we’ve had getting them launched. When you try to do something and make it really unique and really personal, off the shelf discount vouchers just don’t cut it! So we created our very own and you can enter up to 25 words as a special message into the voucher which is printed in black and gold (well, as gold as you can get on a laser printer!).

So we have six voucher values – from a modest £15.00 to a very generous £50.00 which, when you buy online, not only pay for UK delivery to your gift recipient but allow them to choose online or offline via our catalogue. Not everyone has access to the web or prefers to choose online so we wanted to include those people too.

We’ll email you a voucher to print off or email on to your ‘giftee’ but if you prefer us to send it, we’ll do that too!

A selection of Gorgeous Gift Vouchers from Lord Dodo

Gorgeous Gift Vouchers – £15, £20, £25, £30, £40 or £50


Do tell us what you think of this dodevelopment…is it a good idea? Did we miss anything critical out?


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Spreading our Dodo wings with a new greetings card range

Believe it or not, it has been 48 years since we first began tickling the nation with our witty wordplay and illustrations. To celebrate, we did what any good Dodo would do to celebrate and we got cards! We didn’t receive them this time though…. we created a brand new range of 16 cards, each designed to spread some Dodo cheer.

Quirky Cartoons - Everyday Greetings Cards from the Dodo Pad

Quirky Cartoons – from the new range!

The brand new collection is as bright and eye-catching as the Dodo Pad itself. Each one displays a chuckle-inducing sketch from our almost-50 year history, pulled from the pages of Dodo Pads gone by. Spanning the subtly humorous to the completely ludicrous, they’re a perfect everyday range for celebrations all year round (this wine card is perfect for your lover this Valentine’s Day, check it out!)

I love you SO much....

I love you SO much….

We were lucky to have the pick of a huge array of offbeat images, jokes, quotes – and sometimes utter nonsense – some of which had disappeared into the Dodo Pad vault over time. We thought that the time was ripe to unearth some of the best and funniest snippets and give people a good laugh!

We’re also excited that the cards have been shortlisted in the Gift of the Year Awards alongside some wonderful card and wrap creators, and we have our fingers crossed for the 2nd February when the winner is announced! Watch this space!

To see the full range, click here. Do have a look – whether you buy or not – and let us know here what your favourite card is! Having chosen them all, we’re curious to know what you think!

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A little bit of culinary nonsense to make you smile

If you know the Dodo Pad you will already be familiar with the fact that words are often ‘Dodo-ified. It’s just something that has grown over the years – a little bit of whimsy that Lord Dodo likes to pepper about the place. Like a well seasoned dish it’s important not to overdo it though. So you can be ‘dodevoted’ to your Dodo Pad ( a bit like this blog…) but not really ‘dododevoted’.

This month we’ve been gathering together original drawings from the past half century to create a new collection of greetings cards to help celebrate and mark Lord Dodo’s upcoming Golden Jubilee in 2015.

One of the artworks we found gathering dust (well not literally) from pre-digital days, is a suggested weekly menu. If you already have a Book for Cooks (that ever popular recipe organiser) it is possible you’ve seen this as it is reprinted towards the back of the book.

Today the menu got its very own page on the website via a link from the kitchen at Dodo Towers. Click on the menu between the windows on the right hand side of the room to see it in detail. If you’re in a hurry or don’t fancy a visit to the house, you can see it here too:


We would love to hear any culinary suggestions you have to accompany dishes like ‘Dodo in the Hole’ or ‘Devilled Dodo’. Comment here or fill in the form on the website. The best one will win a Book for Cooks. And who knows, the residents at Dodo Towers may soon have a far more interesting bill of fare from which to choose!



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