#thanksabundle for an amazing school year!


It’s that time of year again where the sun is shining (hopefully!), sports day is just round the corner and we’re on the final straight for the end of another school year.

We all want to thank our children’s teachers for doing a wonderful job, helping them out and encouraging them to be the best they can be. I can still remember my primary school teacher, who made me feel on top of the world!

To help you, we thought we would run a competition with our ‘Thanksabundle’ gift set which includes our 2016/17 Acad Pad diary, a Dodo Blank Book, a crystal tipped pen and a pen loop (to attach to the Acad Pad and hold the pen!) – a perfect end of year gift for your favourite teacher and you can have a bit of fun at the same time.

All you/your child has to do, is simply tell us why that teacher is THE best – what have they done that makes you want to nominate them?

This is the fun part: to enter you or your child can be as creative as you like! You can either produce a beautiful picture, a handwritten note or a simple tweet to explain why your teacher is the best.

Please tweet us @lord_dodo and make sure you include the hashtag #thanksabundle together with your teacher’s name, the school your child attends and their age. We will share every single entry we receive. Lord Dodo will pick three winners who will be announced on Monday 27th June.

Thank you for taking part – we can’t wait to see your entries! Most of all have fun and be creative 🙂

Happy Summertime Greetings!


Dodo Pad ‘Thanksabundle’ Competition 2016 – Terms and Conditions

● The competition is open to all residents in the UK, excluding employees of Dodo Pad Ltd. and its affiliates or agents, the families of such employees and any other person connected with this competition. Please note condition regarding delivery of prizes below.

● There are three Thanksabundle Gift Set prizes available comprising a 2016/17 Acad-Pad desk diary, a Dodo Blank Book, a pen loop and matching pen.

● The competition commences on Monday 13th June and will run for two weeks until Friday 24th June.

● Entry is via tweets posted which include the #thanksabundle hashtag which must be posted by no later than 5pm (BST) Friday 24th June. Tweets must include the name of the teacher, the school and the age of the child commenting on why they are the best. This can be in words or via a picture drawn by your child.

● Dodo Pad Ltd. will not be liable for competition entries not received or delayed after the closing date and time.

● The three winners will be announced by Monday 27th June and winners must provide details to claim their prize by Friday 1st July 2016 for dispatch the following week.

● Winners are responsible for providing a UK delivery address to which the prize may be delivered at any time during normal UK working hours. The prize is as stated and cannot be transferred, sold or exchanged.

● Dodo Pad Ltd. reserves the right to substitute the prize with a prize of equal or greater value in the event of unavailability due to circumstances beyond their control.

● By entering this competition, winners agree to their email address being kept on a secure database for the purposes of future communications from Dodo Pad Ltd. Details will never be shared with any third parties for marketing purposes without express prior permission.

● Entrants agree to be bound by the rules and by any other requirements set out in the promotional material.

● Dodo Pad Ltd. reserves the right to terminate or cancel this competition at any time without prior notice.


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Dodo Pad – the future: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

Dodo Pad is transforming the way we do business to secure our future after seeing our profits hit heavily by increasing High Street retail demands and huge online discounts that have been out of our control.


Our much loved brand has been around for 50 years now and we’re clamping down on the range being sold through Amazon and eBay at hugely discounted prices and we will no longer sell our diaries in John Lewis stores – which has been a flagship retail partner for 20 years.

Instead, we will regain control of distribution and concentrate on selling our products through our own website www.dodopad.com where we are able to offer our direct customers the best discounts and deals. We will continue to sell a selection of the range in branches of Waterstones and WH Smith and will only sell on Amazon and eBay through our own official channels.

Why are we doing this? Well, volume sales have maintained a steady increase year-on-year overall but, despite this, we’ve been hit financially due to an increasing attack on our already tight margins by big High Street retailers and Amazon and eBay re-sellers.

We are not the only ones suffering here! The issue is symptomatic of the situation faced by thousands of other small companies nationally, as multiple retailers demand bigger chunks of supplier margins in order to allow them to remain profitable.

I’ve been forced to take this action to secure the healthy future of the business and ensure that the Dodo Pad brand doesn’t become extinct. There are a number of factors responsible for the current situation, including:

  • The recession in 2008, causing everyone to think carefully about expenditure
  • The growth of Amazon and eBay, fuelled by the recession, creating an expectancy for huge discounts on products
  • Re-sellers taking the opportunity to make money from the growth of these online giants. (Re-sellers sell the products on Amazon and eBay at unrealistically low prices and then make their money from postage contributions, meaning the supplier or manufacturer is left with practically nothing)
  • High Street retailers responding to this by asking for typically 75% of suppliers’ margins in order to compete with the low prices

Dodo Pad’s prices have not been increased above inflation over the past seven years and have barely been raised at all in the past three years.

The situation has really deteriorated too far. Enough is enough is enough. Brands have been under attack for the past seven years. The recession started in 2008, quickly followed by the huge growth of Amazon between 2009 and 2013.

The recession is not over and people’s attitudes have changed irrevocably in that the default position for most of us – right across the social spectrum – is to look for a bargain, part-fuelled by the recession which hit everybody who needed to worry about disposable income, coupled with the availability of products at a discount because of the rise of the internet.

The fact is that we are selling as many, if not more, of our diaries but making far less money and we have had to make a big decision about the way we do business in order to secure the future of the brand, which continues to be well loved by customers old and new.

We will continue to sell a selection of our diary ranges through WH Smith and Waterstones and to supply selected distributors, but we’ll be imposing strict conditions on re-sellers who wish to list on Amazon or eBay.

We will also continue to supply selected independent retailers to sell the brand in their stores or on their own websites. Bricks and mortar retailers will be able to sell our diaries and calendars and compete with the online price without the cost of post and packaging on top, so hopefully this will go some not insignificant way towards helping them too.

This is all about making relatively small changes that have a big impact. Dodo Pad is a brand that continues to be adored after 50 years. We have customers who have been using Dodo Pads for decades and we continue to attract new users who share the same passion. It truly is a brand that is treasured.

We are fighting to ensure the Dodo Pad brand does not become extinct so we’re around for the next 50 years.

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments!

Rebecca Jay, Managing Director


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10 Top Tips to help with your Exam Revision

It’s nearly exam time and the dreaded ‘R’ word is being rammed down your throat at every turn – Revise. Revise. Revise.

Sadly, we can’t wave a magic wand and make all of those lessons and lectures miraculously stick in your mind without you putting in a bit of graft before the big exam season. But here are some top tips to make your revision sessions really count.

take-lots-of-breaksTake a lot of breaks
This isn’t, should your folks ask, an excuse to skive off actually working. Research shows that shorter 20-30-minute bursts of revision work best because concentration is much higher. Create a timetable with regular short breaks and work on up to three subjects in a day to keep your brain fully engaged.

Mind Map

Get creative
We’re not talking about creating artistic masterpieces here – just simple diagrams, learning maps, doodles and colourful notes that will make your documents easier to memorise for when the exam arrives. Lord Dodo has even been known to make up original ‘songs’ and rhymes filled with subject information to make it easier to stick. All together now… “In fourteen hundred and ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue”

Post it

Post-It Note it so you don’t forget it
We have a tendency to remember things that we see a lot so write important points on post-it notes and stick them in places you walk past regularly like the kitchen sink, fridge, toilet or light switch.

A quiet place

Find a quiet place
It may sound obvious but a crowded/loud place filled with lots of distractions is not conducive to a successful revision session. Find somewhere you can work best and concentrate on the job at hand – whether it be a desk in your bedroom, a library or even sitting in the sun in the garden. Having some light music playing at a low volume in the background should be OK, but blasting out rock anthems or trying to concentrate on the latest happenings in Hollyoaks whilst you’re trying to study is a big no no.

Revision with friends

Revise with friends/family
As the BT man always says, ‘it’s good to talk’ and sometimes sharing revision sessions with friends can be a huge help. Share your revision notes and techniques and set each other mini tests and quizzes so you’re all learning together and finding the best ways of making sure the info sinks in. Revision doesn’t mean you have to sit in silence!

Test papers for a mock examination for GCSE in Science Physics

Take past exam papers
It’s important to identify your weaknesses early on so sit plenty of past papers to get a feel of the areas you really need to focus on. Once you have completed three or four past papers, you’ll get a good feel of the way exam paper questions are worded and the best techniques to answer them to gain the best possible marks.


A quick jog may be the last thing you fancy after a day of having your head buried in the text books. But even a short jog could do the world of good for your exam preparations. Exercise increases heart rate, making blood circulate faster, ensuring the brain gets more oxygen which increases productivity and reduces stress. So there.

List of Topics

List out your topics
Don’t go in for a day’s revision totally blind. List the topics/subjects you plan to focus on each day and make sure you stick to the plan so you’re not drifting off and getting distracted. Be realistic with your plan though – nobody’s going to be able to successfully revise the entire contents of six subjects in one session.

alarm-clockGet started early in the day
The thought of getting up early and getting straight into revision mode may fill you with dread but research shows that you’re more likely to get all your work done if you make an effort to start early as you’re more likely to get tempted to do other things the later you leave it. If you put in a good shift in the morning, you’ll have the evening free to enjoy away from the study books.


Reward yourself
It’s not all about work and no play. Set yourself strict times to revise and make sure you leave some free time so you don’t find yourself exhausted, frustrated and chin-deep in revision notes 20 hours a day seven days a week. Strike a good balance between study and social life and make sure you plan a cinema date, shopping trip treat or a catch-up with friends after a productive day of revision.

The very best of luck from all of us at Dodo Pad!

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Brussels Attacks – chipping away at our resolve?

It started as just another day, but ended with the world not quite being the same again. Again.

Not for the worker whose daily rush-hour commute will now forever be haunted with visions of horror. Or for the child whose terrified screams as he is carried along the smoke-filled Metro tunnels to safety have been played across the world. Or for the father queuing for an Easter trip away who scooped up his tiny baby like a doll and fled for their lives as the carnage unfolded around him. Or for the heroic baggage handler whose selflessness tending to blood-soaked casualties will cause him nightmares for the rest of his life. Or for the dozens left maimed, limbless and disfigured. Or for those still clinging on to life.

Or not even for those watching the aftermath of the terror on a TV screen thousands of miles away who are now imagining how it could have just as easily been them.

The attack on Brussels has come just a little over four months since Paris, our close neighbour, was devastated in the same cowardly manner.

Just hours after that attack the world came together in a show of resilience. “You and your bombs are not going to make us hide inside our homes,” we proudly declared to the terrorists as we sat defiantly at the cafe window seat and booked tickets to watch our favourite band at their next concert.

And today, with the Brussels Metro network already reopened and its airport preparing to take flights tomorrow, we are once again reminded of the same spirit and sentiment.

We must never let these cowards win. We must go to the cinema, keep that dinner date, pack into a crowded concert hall, take the Metro to work and continue to book holidays abroad. We must continue going about our lives as normal if we have any chance of showing them that they will never succeed in changing our way of life.

But it does not change the fact that every one of those poor people caught up in the atrocities had woken up with plans for the day ahead, with plans for their future, only to have that ripped away in an instant through no fault of their own. I just wonder how many attacks like this it will take before we stop throwing caution to the wind and living our lives a little less ‘normally’ and carefree than we should be? Because the truth is that we all know that it could just as easily have been any one of us.

Rebecca Jay

Managing (most of the time) Director, Dodo Pad

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Me, myself and I…Oh, and the rest of the world

There was a time not so long ago when people kept their daily rants, moans, info on their latest weird crushes and philosophical thoughts on life to themselves and their diaries.

Then a little thing called Twitter came along and everything changed. Suddenly people thought that everybody else really cared about how their boss had spoken to them at work (we probably don’t), what they were eating for lunch (we REALLY don’t) and how cute their baby looks eating/sleeping/dancing (OK, we concede on that one, but just occasionally).


A page from the 2011 Dodo Pad diary

Worse still, the world of celebrity went into overdrive and egos already bigger than the stratosphere expanded even further as millions of people tuned in to see what their idols were getting up to at every second of every day.

Twitter provided an amazing platform for people to speak out and reach audiences they could only have ever dreamed of. But it’s become more a public forum for everyone to take out their beef with the world. And while it’s funny for the rest of us to sit and watch, more than one celeb has found themselves an international laughing stock as the result of a Twitter outburst.

Take good ol’ Kanye West for example – a man adored by millions with a successful rap career, pretty hefty bank balance, a stunning wife, two beautiful kids, numerous homes etc. etc. However, when Kanye was feeling a bit sorry for himself, he thought he’d share it with the world.

A few misguided tweets later (slating his ex, Amber Rose, and critics of his music, moaning about being in debt and begging Mark Zuckerberg for cash etc.) and the world just frankly thinks he’s gone bonkers.

His wife, Kim Kardashian West – who has proved herself quite the savvy businesswoman after being  thrust into our attentions with a leaked sex tape – joined her hubby in the public embarrassment stakes when she took to Twitter to pose nude (again) and then slagged off everyone who dared to criticise her on International Women’s Day.

The Wests are not the only ones of course. From Courtney Love threatening designer Dawn Simorangkir in a series of misspelled Twitter ramblings, to Alec Baldwin’s outburst against American Airlines, Charlie Sheen’s public meltdown and Aston Villa Joleon Lescott alienating fans by tweeting a picture of a £120,000 Mercedes after his side lost 6-0 to Liverpool (he later claimed it was sent accidentally in his pocket – but fans weren’t buying the excuse), celebs from all walks of life have learnt how easy it is to lose friends and alienate people at the click of a button.

Celebs – and humankind as a whole – please take note. Twitter is an amazing tool for voicing an opinion to the masses. But sometimes the world doesn’t need to know your thoughts (or what you’re eating for dinner). Before taking to Twitter, take a moment to decide if what you’re saying is really worth inflicting on the world – or if it’s probably best kept to yourself and a rather more private diary.


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Not just a diary: 10 alternative uses for your Dodo Pad

As diaries go, the Dodo Pad is pretty damn cool. Even if we say so ourselves.

But when the late, great Sir John Verney dreamt up this unique and quirky organisational tool, did he realise he’d also created a pretty nifty gadget for other day-to-day stuff that quite frankly means it’s genius, not just cool?  Here are a few ideas below (but feel free to to tell us any other weird and wonderful ways in which you put your Dodo Pad to good use)…

1. Chair prop1. Propping up a table Everyone knows sitting down for dinner at a table with a wonky leg is one of the most annoying things known to man and womankind. But, fear not, if you’ve got your Dodo Pad on hand, wobbly tables and sliding bowls of soup will be a thing of the past. Alternatively, if folded into eight, a single Dodo Pad page is perfect for wedging up a rickety table or chair or even stuffing into a shaky sash window.

2. Making paper boats Finished sheets can be torn out and are especially suitable for making paper boats, darts, aeroplanes, book markers or tapers for lighting a barbecue. Of course, that’s if you can bear to rip up your beautiful diary. P.S. paper boats will not survive in real water for long and paper aeroplanes are not suitable for long-haul flights.

2. Paper boats

3. Swatting flies The Dodo Pad makes an ideal weapon for swatting flies. Held flat on the palm of the hand, it can also be used as a missile against wasps and mosquitoes on the ceiling. No pics to demonstrate, sorry, the flies have disappeared into the ether…

4. Burglar distractor “While he was giggling over my Dodo Pad I was able to get dressed and call the police” (Name supplied)4. Burglar Distractor

5. Doodling/learning to draw    Special facilities are provided in the design of the Dodo Pad for this essential activity. The Dodo Pad encourages you to doodle to your heart’s content – thereby preserving utility bills, catalogues and newspapers from random scribbles. NB. It’s fair to say that not all doodles will be as good as the one below which won Lord Dodo’s 2015 National Doodle Day competition…do try your hand this year if you’ve not already done so – you have until 28th March to get your entry in and all donations go straight to Epilepsy Action.
5. Doodling.learning to draw
6. Unusual Wall Art We all know the Dodo Pad is a work of art when it’s not coming into its own organising life, how about using it as alternative art for your home? Certainly not to be found on the shelves at Dunelm Mill, but thinking outside of the box never did Tracey Emin any harm did it? Of course, there’s always the monthly Dodo Planner Calendar for the more traditional among you.6. Unusual wall art

7. Laptop ventilator

7. Laptop ventilator Here’s a practical one. Simply place the metal coil of your Dodo Pad under your laptop (as illustrated) creating an air vent to stop your machine overheating. It also works as a raised stand for comfier typing – both achieved in one simple move!

8. Scrap book

8. Scrap book When you run out of grown up things to write down (you know, like appointments, meetings and other serious stuff) use your Dodo Pad instead as a scrap book/journal/photo album to create a keepsake of cool things you’ve done. Check out this beautiful specimen from an actual Dodo Pad fan.

9. 0s & Xs

9. Play Os and Xs If you’ve some spare time to kill and haven’t yet filled your diary with important stuff to do, the unique grid design makes a handy little board game on the go.

10. Origami Lord Dodo, ever the artist at heart, has preserved some precious Dodo Pad pages by creating some pretty cool origami. As it’s Easter time soon, here  are some origami bunnies, which it’s fair to say are actually rather cute. Thanks to Vicky and Georgie for their paper folding efforts 🙂 !!

Now, over to you. We’ve given you a good start, but we can’t wait to hear some of your quirky uses for your Dodo Pad.

Look forward to hearing from you!
Rebecca - email sig -small 450
Dodo Pad, Managing Director

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Dear Dodo Pad: It’s a real shame that Kim’s childish antics stole our attentions on International Women’s Day

A series of occasional musings on the week’s events…

international women's day

There was Kim Kardashian West, all pouty face, peroxide hair and strangely devoid of any clothes posing in an opulent bathroom, seemingly with the sole intention of telling us all that she’s rich and likes being naked. And then there was the rest of womenkind and menfolk collectively sighing at the thought of seeing KKW’s boobs and bum. Again.

Throughout her husband Kanye West’s embarrassing public meltdown, which has played out over the past few weeks on Twitter, Kim has managed to remain quite dignified in her silence. But all that came crashing down in spectacular fashion when she posted another picture of herself in the buff – and the world retaliated by telling her to bore off and get some clothes.

It turns out KKW isn’t much of a fan of constructive criticism – even when that criticism is coming from Oscar-nominated actress Bette Midler – a woman with more talent in her little finger than Kanye’s wife possesses even in that ample internet-breaking derriere.

After a casual dig about Bette being up past her bedtime, Kim then turned her bitchy attentions to 19-year-old actress Chloe Grace Moretz – who dared to suggest women have more to offer than a perfectly-toned set of abs and pert boobs – by slating her ‘mere’ 2 million Twitter followers and choice of Nylon clothing (God forbid).

All of this after a particularly crass tweet about banking an $80m cheque. Proof, if it was ever needed, that all the money in the world doesn’t buy you class.

Sadly, this display came on the dawn of International Women’s Day – a day dedicated to celebrating the achievements of inspirational and aspirational women across the world.

Posing naked, bragging about being stinking rich and slating all who dare to criticise her publicity-seeking ways does nothing but make a mockery of the celebration of the strong women she claims to represent.

We can only hope that Kim will soon find some of that class she’s clearly misplaced under her piles of furs, put on some clothes and let us get on with talking about the women who actually deserve our attentions.

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