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Exciting Times at Dodo HQ

You may notice the Dodevoted blog has not only a shiny new look but also a slightly less shiny but definitely new writer, me. Due to the delicate nature of WordPress I currently am unable to post as myself so have been allowed to don the mantle of Lord Dodo for a day or two. Worry not, I have have been assured by the WordPress powers that be, that I will get my own shiny new cloak soon enough.

Anyone who knows me on Facebook, Twitter or indeed in real life will have heard me chatter on about the range (I do this quite often). I firmly believe everyone should own at least one Dodo Pad product so that they can organise their lives in a practical, non-scary way and with good humour.

Well, it would appear that my shameless plugging of the brand has reached the ears of the exalted Lord Dodo himself who has asked me to take over the mantle of writing the Dodevoted blog when he is off doing important and mysterious Dodo-like business.

The aim of the new look and feel blog is to help you (the readers) get to know us a bit better and learn, hopefully, to love the dodo-ramblings and scribbles as much as we do.

Now, less of me and more of the important stuff.

The Dodo Range

Since its humble beginning in the days long before apps that crashed and programmes that failed to save properly, the Dodo range has expanded to include a great number of practical and fun organisational tools that are not for the faint of heart. These Dodo products are designed with one thing in mind, your personality. Everyone thinks differently, and therefore it stands to reason that they process information differently and remembers things differently. The Dodo range allows you the freedom to choose how you will organise your work, your family, your student life, your social life and more.

To view the (rather gorgeous looking) 2013 Dodo range click here, and while you are there, why not peruse the rest of the site where you will find calendars, notepads, organisers and, since the new school/college/uni year is very soon to be upon us, Acad-Pads that work with the academic year and more.

Quirky Dodo Offer
Unless you are living in a bubble that has no Wi-Fi access and no TV, you will know that this year Great Britain are hosting the Olympics. The opening ceremony was nothing short of amazing and such shows of patriotism brought a tear to the eye. In celebration of the Games and in support of Team GB, Dodo Towers has released an exclusive offer for its loyal customers…and because you are reading this, you too can ‘get in on the act’ even if you are totally new to all things Dodo!

We’re giving away products each time Team GB* strikes gold!

Here’s how it works: Whenever you place an order up to midnight on Sunday 12th August (for any number of items, of any value), simply enter the promotional code ‘DODOTEAMGB’ at checkout. You may order as often as you like to take part in the draw. All orders with the code are eligible. Each time a Team GB member picks up a gold medal, we’ll pull a name out of the hat from all the orders placed so far and we’ll refund the lucky winner with the value of the most expensive item in their order.

So the earlier you order, the more chances you have to win. As long as our TEAMGB athletes are winning then so are you! Last time around in Beijing, Team GB brought home 19 gold medals. This year it’s expected to be more.

That could mean two winners a day and we’re routing for the Team GB dream team!
We’ll post the winner’s details on Facebook and Twitter so, if you are into such things, then please either ‘Like’ Dodo Pad on Facebook or follow @lord_dodo on Twitter.

A bumper post to celebrate the new look blog, the Olympics and the commencement of a new member of the Dodo team! Do make sure you take a moment to sign up to ensure that you don’t miss any future news and offers.

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