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Want to meet Lord Dodo at the 2015 Cornwall Macmillan Christmas Fair at the Eden Project next week?

Lord Dodo is about to don his pinny and dress his stall at his annual Christmas charity fair outing to the Eden Project in aid of Cornwall Macmillan.

Cornwall Macmillan Christmas Fair

On Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th November, Cornwall’s largest and most vibrant Christmas Fair aims to raise the largest single amount for Macmillan in Cornwall this year.

For two days the Eden Kitchen, between the two Biomes, will play host to a twinkling and glorious selection of Christmas gifts, home accessories, stocking fillers, clothing, jewellery, food and drink and there will be something to suit every taste and budget. There are over 50 different stalls so if you live in or near Cornwall (or even further away!), please join us for a magical event that hopes to raise the most ever for this wonderful charity.


The Eden Project is very generously offering FREE ENTRY for all visitors on Thursday, so tickets only need to be purchased for the Fair itself. All proceeds, including 15% of all stall-holder takings, go direct to Cornwall Macmillan Cancer Support.
Wednesday 11th November 2015: 6pm – 9.30pm
Preview Event Tickets are £25.00 and include supper and wine, preview and shopping! For tickets please follow the link.

Thursday 12th November 2015: 10am – 4pm 
Thursday Tickets are £15.00 and include a light lunch, shopping and FREE ENTRY access to the entire Eden Project for the day! For tickets please follow the link.

As well as showcasing our fabulous Golden Jubilee 2016 diary and calendar edition we’ll have a wide selection of leather slipcovers, twinkly Swarovski pens and pencils, pen loops and stationery gifts that should satisfy any stationery lover’s desires! We look forward to seeing you there. And thank you 🙂
2016 Golden Jubilee editions of the Dodo Pad in all formats will be on sale!

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How to customise a Dodo Wall Pad and magically turn it into a stand up desk calendar in less than 2 minutes!

The joy of a Dodo Pad diary or Wall Pad is not just about enjoyable organisation, it’s all about making it YOURS. You may doodle, design, write religiously within the boxes in the weekly grid or scribble across the page with gay abandon. There are no rules. So here is an instant recipe to make either of our week-to-view WALL PAD calendars (emphasis on the word ‘WALL’) turn magically into a stable stand up DESK calendar! Big thanks to would-be customer Rachel Armitage from Accrington for reminding us that it can be done!

Here you go – we tested the theory on an old Wall Acad-Pad:

Wall Pad as a desk calendar - back cover Wall Pad as a desk calendar - front cover


  1. A Wall Pad calendar (can be a 2015/16 Wall Acad-Pad or 2016 Dodo Wall Pad)
  2. Two strong pieces of card approx 23 x 10cms each
  3. Sellotape (or ‘sticky back plastic’ if you are old enough to remember Blue Peter on BBCTV from the 1960s and 1970s!)


Tape each piece of card to the covers (you can do this on the outside or inside covers – your choice. Bear in mind that when it is stood up you won’t see the covers, but for aesthetic reasons you may wish to use the insides – we tested it on the outside as it is easier to photograph!). Make sure to tape the card down firmly all around. Stand your Wall Pad up with the covers slightly apart and turn to this week’s grid page.

The finished article!

Viola! That’s all there is to it! You now have a new Dodo Pad product – a Dodo Desk Calendar – unique to you…

If you’ve done a Dodo-customization of your own please tell us here and any suggestions you may have to pass on are always appreciated!



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That was the National Stationery Week that was!

Sorry we didn’t blog last week, we were on tour… No, not with Lord Dodo’s heavy metal band the Wailing Dodo’s (one for another blog, I’m sure *hemhem*), but to celebrate National Stationery Week at the London Stationery Show! Like Nelly the Elephant before him, Lord Dodo proudly packed his trunk (and we packed ours) and we transported our wares up to the big smoke to showcase the best of Dodo Pad at the Business Design Centre in London’s Islington. Though we did request from HRH Queen Elizabeth II Dodo Herethat The Royal Train be used to ferry His Lordship to the city, unfortunately the locomotive was in for a service on the 1 – 2 April and therefore we had to find an alternative mode of transport . The drive from Cornwall meant several pit stops to stretch wings and legs, but we made it to the capital in one piece and boy, was it worth the journey! From pens and sticky notes to little folding contraptions and staple-less staplers that – if it wasn’t down to the little perspex window that shows you exactly how it works, you’d surely mark down as witchcraft – the show was a feast for the senses; a true stationery lovers’ paradise. Taking place during National Stationery Week (a fantastic campaign to ‘Get Britain Writing’ – you can read more here) some of the nicest little companies – including us *blush* – showcased the latest and best products on their stands. We proudly displayed next year’s diary (it’s the one before the big 50th edition – hold on to your hats!), the new, blue and just for you Acad-Pad 2014/15 and our new Dodo Mini Blank Book along with our range of greetings cards and even our very special (and freshly hatched) Dodo Jotter! The London Stationery Show is a very special place, with the best of the best stationery on display for all to see, touch, sniff and peck at. We went, we saw, we made new friends and showed the stationery world what Dodo Pad is all about. We only wish you could have all been there to have a good laugh with us on our stand. You’ll have to save your giggles for Lord Dodo’s 50th birthday bash and bonanza, which you’re all invited to! Details to follow in due course, stay in touch with us here, on Twitter or on Facebook! Or if you’d  like to be ‘Kept Posted’ on the #DodoJubilee celebrations sign up here.

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