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When you just want to do anything to help… #GrenfellTowerFire

A week ago, last Wednesday morning, we woke up to the news of the unfolding horror of the dreadful fire at the Grenfell Tower block of flats in London. Some of us never woke up and that was and is, the horror of the reality of what happened. Hundreds of displaced people and a system that did not, from the official standpoint, kick in to help quickly enough. It is not for me to speculate here on the reasons why the fire happened – all I know is that I was moved that morning to do something, anything, to help.

I was travelling most of the day on a train from Cornwall to a meeting in Birmingham. During that journey, I resolved to donate a load of clothes I had stacked up ready to sell on Ebay or local Facebook groups to the survivor victims of the fire. I also decided to see if I could gather a group of other people in Cornwall to help with their own donations, which we, Dodo Pad, would arrange to be transported to London. By late evening almost 70 offers of donations had come in from people I have never met who also felt moved to just try to do something to help. I was overwhelmed with people’s generosity to reach out, but by Thursday morning we were being told by the media that the community was totally overwhelmed with donations and asking, please, not to send anything more but to send financial donations instead. So I did that.

But I still wanted to help in some tangible way that I felt would make a difference. So, having now made contact with the Grenfell Nursery who put out a plea for stationery and diaries (it is now operating from the Ilys Booker Stay & Play and Drop-In Centre for the foreseeable future), today we are sending almost 400 Dodo Pad diaries to help the families who have lost pretty much everything, reorganise their lives and move forward. I really hope they help in some small way and also make them smile.

A happy face - from the Grenfell Nursery website :)

A happy face – from the Grenfell Nursery website 🙂

Rebecca Jay, Managing Director.


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‘Tis the Planning Season

Dodo Book of ChristmasHallooo, dear Dodopadlers!  Miss Peabody here.

As I was noting down a date in my Dodo Pad diary today, I realised that there are less than two months until Christmas!  Goodness me, the time does fly.  I immediately brought out my Dodo Book of Christmas and began planning.

You may say it is too early to begin planning the festive season, but I say pish-posh.  I require some time to reflect on what I have done for past Christmas celebrations in order to decide what to do this year.  Same?  Different?  Decisions, decisions!

Every year I am in charge of decorating the Grand Hall at Dodo Towers, which I greatly enjoy.  Ever the organisational whiz, I use the ‘Decorations’ section of my Christmas Book to draw schematic diagrams of the Hall to help me decide where to place the tree this year, whether the flashy lights should go all the way up the stairs or on the balcony only, and where to hang the mistletoe (I hang it in a different location each year to try to position myself under it when Lord Dodo is near, but alas he never seems to notice the greenery above my head…).

Each year we have a feast of staggering epic belt bursting great proportions.   In the ‘Recipes’ section I keep the menus from previous years as well as all my Christmas recipes (including my Great-Great-Gran’s famous recipe for Christmas Pudding – always a crowd-pleaser!).

The (ever-lengthening) Cards lists show to whom I have sent cards each year and who has sent cards to me.  The handy pockets in each divider help me keep track of those little scraps of ideas and notes that otherwise would be lost.  Amazing capturing device!  The ‘Gifts’ section reminds me what I gave to whom each year, to avoid any embarrassment of repetition.

The ‘Children’ section is excellent to record children’s games, activities, and holiday performances each year. Young Master Ludodo and little Lady Cosima Dodo adore the holidays as all children do, and this section not only helps plan their fun but also has become a sentimental record of their seasonal delights.  How Lady Dodo cherishes those sweet memories!

But perhaps my favorite section in the Book of Christmas is the ‘Traditions’ section.  We have many traditions here at Dodo Towers, my favorite of which is wassailing out and about among the neighbours.  I must say, the Hardworking Sales and Customer Service team has several members blessed with lovely voices, led by Bert Whistle’s booming baritone.  Great fun!

With the Book of Christmas, planning is almost as fun as the festive season itself!

Happy planning to you all, and toodle-oo for now!

Miss P

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