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Help Me Clean Up My Act

As you may already know I have moved recently. My new home has more rooms, higher ceilings, great features and of course takes a lot more time to keep clean and tidy. One never knows when Lord Dodo might make an impromptu visit to see how I am getting on and while he doesn’t exactly get the white gloves out to check for dust (I’ve never actually caught him doing this but have my suspicions) it would be nice to have the house looking as it should. A (wo)man’s nest is his castle, or so I’m told… so I’m going to ask you to help me with my cleaning.

Please don’t be concerned, I don’t expect anyone to turn up with Marigolds in hand and start scrubbing (unless they are happy to be paid in cheese scones?), rather I need to get my cleaning routine in order. To be completely honest what I need is some sort of routine that gets everything done as quickly as possible with the minimum of effort.

I work from home full time so changing the beds post school run and throwing more washing in isn’t a hardship however in order to avoid the “big clean” I really require some housekeeping magic which will keep me on the straight and narrow. Once I have a routine sorted in my head I can enter it into my Dodo Pad so that I know at a glance what needs to be done and when, or I might treat myself to the Dodo Household Stuff Book; I do need to have a routine organised first.

How do you all manage your household routines? Do you have a mad panicked clean-up before guests arrive or are you the very definition of perfection when it comes to the spotless counter and dustless mantle pieces? I did try the Fly Lady routines which so many people swear by however I just couldn’t get past the “start the morning by cleaning your sink” thing. All too complicated for me I’m afraid.

So tell me dear readers: What is your top home cleaning or organising tip?
What saves you the most time, what products do you swear by and how do you maintain a cleaning and tidying routine?  (Eco-friendly and budget suggestions are also very welcome). Any cleaning or organising related tips would be most appreciated and will be used to put together a routine that will enable my house to pass muster with Lord Dodo (and my mother-in-law) in spite of those spur of the moment visits.

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