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Want to meet Lord Dodo at the 2015 Cornwall Macmillan Christmas Fair at the Eden Project next week?

Lord Dodo is about to don his pinny and dress his stall at his annual Christmas charity fair outing to the Eden Project in aid of Cornwall Macmillan.

Cornwall Macmillan Christmas Fair

On Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th November, Cornwall’s largest and most vibrant Christmas Fair aims to raise the largest single amount for Macmillan in Cornwall this year.

For two days the Eden Kitchen, between the two Biomes, will play host to a twinkling and glorious selection of Christmas gifts, home accessories, stocking fillers, clothing, jewellery, food and drink and there will be something to suit every taste and budget. There are over 50 different stalls so if you live in or near Cornwall (or even further away!), please join us for a magical event that hopes to raise the most ever for this wonderful charity.


The Eden Project is very generously offering FREE ENTRY for all visitors on Thursday, so tickets only need to be purchased for the Fair itself. All proceeds, including 15% of all stall-holder takings, go direct to Cornwall Macmillan Cancer Support.
Wednesday 11th November 2015: 6pm – 9.30pm
Preview Event Tickets are £25.00 and include supper and wine, preview and shopping! For tickets please follow the link.

Thursday 12th November 2015: 10am – 4pm 
Thursday Tickets are £15.00 and include a light lunch, shopping and FREE ENTRY access to the entire Eden Project for the day! For tickets please follow the link.

As well as showcasing our fabulous Golden Jubilee 2016 diary and calendar edition we’ll have a wide selection of leather slipcovers, twinkly Swarovski pens and pencils, pen loops and stationery gifts that should satisfy any stationery lover’s desires! We look forward to seeing you there. And thank you 🙂
2016 Golden Jubilee editions of the Dodo Pad in all formats will be on sale!

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Busy Bees

Bee collecting pollen

Hallooo dear Dodopadlers!  Miss Peabody here!

Those of you using your Dodo Pad and/ or Acad-Pad diary will notice on 12 June the notation indicating the death of Karl von Frisch in 1982.

Frisch published his book The Dancing Bees in 1953.  By then he was well-known in the scientific community for his research on the behavior of honeybees.  Through his many experiments he discovered that bees have colour vision, and also that they communicate with each other using the “dance language” that describes direction and distance to food.  Bees’ sophisticated dances include the “waggle dance” and the “round dance,” each imparting different information about where to find food.

Bees are not only fascinating, they are extremely important pollinators of flowering plants.  Why, without pollination many plant species that we use for food would be unable to grow!  So you see, we need bees for more than just honey; they keep the links of our food chain intact.

We here at Dodo Towers are busy bees, as usual.  We’ve just finished photography for our new leather and faux leather slipcover collection and new ‘personal-pod’ organisers – designed for our Filofax compatible  refill diaries!  Those of you attending the Royal Cornwall Show June 10 – 12th should be able to see samples on display and pre-order one of the limited collection. Look for a special representative of Dodo Towers attending in Lord Dodo’s abscence.  Lord Dodo himself is currently enjoying a sunny holiday in the Dodolomites and regrets that he will be unable to attend the show in person.  But his favorite representative will be there to display some exciting Dodo Produce – so don’t miss out!

Toodle-oo for now!

Miss P

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