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What is Your Diary Style?

Diaries come in all shapes and sizes and encompass many different features; I’d love to know what’s important to you when choosing a diary.

A diary or planner or organiser (or whatever you call yours!) is such an important thing in these often hectic days.  Whether you are a parent who juggles umpteen roles at once, a student with places to go and people to see, or someone who needs a diary to deal with their everyday life, it is essential that your diary works for you.

Fortunately everyone is different (can you imagine how boring life would be if we were all the same?), therefore it stands to reason that everyone has different organisational needs. I, for example, need the freedom to make a mess. There, I have said it! My diary, the Dodo Pad desk diary looks something like my bedroom floor did when I was a teenager. Back then I liked to throw everything on the floor and spread it out in a type of organised chaos so that I could see where everything was at a glance. Masses of Post it notes cluttered my room with things to remember to do. One or three years past teenage-dom I still need that same ‘format’ when it comes to organising my family, home and business effectively.

Other people I know need a specific box for everything so that each thing is in the ‘right’ place and their diary is quite formal in design. That makes me want to break into a cold sweat and start screwing pages up whereas for my more formal friends, my doodles, scribbles and coloured pens would cause a dead faint.

I love the spiral bound Dodo Pads as they let me be, well… me!

I find all of this quite interesting to be honest. A diary keeps us on the straight and narrow and is what helps us to juggle any number of life roles and responsibilities without too much worry. The format of the diary, specifically looking at whether it is very straight-laced in its layout or whether it creates an open space where the owner can inject their personal style into their organisation, clearly depends on how people see things.

I see clarity in mess, (for the want of a better word) and organised chaos sums up my diary style altogether. I need lots of free space and a loose format that I can alter to my needs and I need to love my diary, otherwise I could all too easily fall back into my wayward post it note ways.

So, my question today is: What is the most important thing about your diary? What MUST your diary have?

I’ve shown you mine so please now show me yours; I truly am interested in what Dodevoted readers feel about their diaries!

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