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Spreading our Dodo wings with a new greetings card range

Believe it or not, it has been 48 years since we first began tickling the nation with our witty wordplay and illustrations. To celebrate, we did what any good Dodo would do to celebrate and we got cards! We didn’t receive them this time though…. we created a brand new range of 16 cards, each designed to spread some Dodo cheer.

Quirky Cartoons - Everyday Greetings Cards from the Dodo Pad

Quirky Cartoons – from the new range!

The brand new collection is as bright and eye-catching as the Dodo Pad itself. Each one displays a chuckle-inducing sketch from our almost-50 year history, pulled from the pages of Dodo Pads gone by. Spanning the subtly humorous to the completely ludicrous, they’re a perfect everyday range for celebrations all year round (this wine card is perfect for your lover this Valentine’s Day, check it out!)

I love you SO much....

I love you SO much….

We were lucky to have the pick of a huge array of offbeat images, jokes, quotes – and sometimes utter nonsense – some of which had disappeared into the Dodo Pad vault over time. We thought that the time was ripe to unearth some of the best and funniest snippets and give people a good laugh!

We’re also excited that the cards have been shortlisted in the Gift of the Year Awards alongside some wonderful card and wrap creators, and we have our fingers crossed for the 2nd February when the winner is announced! Watch this space!

To see the full range, click here. Do have a look – whether you buy or not – and let us know here what your favourite card is! Having chosen them all, we’re curious to know what you think!

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It may not be a Dodo Pad but….

…it’s INCREDIBLY precious and it was LOST!

Last week Lord Dodo spent four days at the Autumn Fair, a major trade show in Birmingham meeting existing and prospective new retailers and showing off our ‘wares’:

The Dodo Pad stand at the Autumn Fair

The Dodo Pad stand at the Autumn Fair

Along with our range of diaries and calendars and other organisers/stationery, something we’ve been thinking of doing for a while is adding a section to the Dodo Pad website with cool, quirky, colourful gift ideas that Lord Dodo LOVES but doesn’t actually produce!  A trade show full of other gift companies is the perfect opportunity to find such things. So on the third day of the show Rebecca, notebook in hand and carrier bag on shoulder, spent a good part of the day sourcing ideas and scribbling down notes in a very old, very precious notebook that goes WAY back and is full of important bits of information. By the end of Tuesday last week it was full of even more important notes and addresses and prices and agreed terms and business cards etc etc. The following afternoon (just before packing up time) she ran round some of the suppliers to pick up samples. With a bag full of goodies and back on the stand the rush was on to get out and get home. It’s a long drive back to Cornwall…

Thursday morning and unpacking in the office is complete. Everything stashed away and the bag stuffed of goodies is unpacked on the table….horror of horrors the notebook is not in the bag. Lost forever or left somewhere? Sinking feeling deep in stomach develops lest it be lost forever…

That dreadful ‘now where was I when I last remembered having it?’ thought took over. All the contact details for the various companies were in the notebook anyway so how would we be able to ‘track back’ and find it?

Serendipity (wonderful thing that…) took over at this stage. Deep in the bag was a single postcard with details for one stand only. We called and held our collective breath… ‘oh yes – I was just about to call you to get your address details so we could post it back to you’! PHEW and double PHEW!

How lucky was that? It  was left on a stand selling amazing glass nail files (very pretty and very colourful and very likely to appear on the Dodo Pad website before too long!). And here it is – it arrived this morning….



Have you ever had something like that happen and then all work out?

So watch this space in the next few weeks for ‘Lord Dodo LOVES’ – colourful, practical, quirky gift ideas chosen by Lord Dodo 🙂


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Show Us Your Groovy Covers and Win!

When I was at school it was “done thing” to cover your French textbooks and the like with old (but cool obviously) wallpaper to protect them and make them look individual. After seeing the following tweet from an avid fan, @thebandmum Lord Dodo was extremely tickled to see that this trend has not only continued; it has taken a huge stylish step forward.

Dodo Pad, Decorated Planner

All at Dodo HQ love to see personalised Dodo Pads and Acad-Pads. After all, the whole point of the faithful organiser / diary is to provide personalised organisation that suits individual needs, wants and of course styles. So tickled to see this fabulous funky stickered Dodo Pad (with QR code still exposed so the owner is able to visit DodoPad.com with ease whenever they like), it has been decided that perhaps a competition is in order.

Lord Dodo wants to see your uniquely decorated, jazzed up or bling festooned Dodo Pad or Acad-Pad and has promised that if more than six photos are posted on the Facebook page by the end of the week (deadline 3pm Friday) that he will offer a prize to the best designed entry.

If you want to show off your decorated Lord Dodo diary then simply post your photo and include a brief message about why you love your diary and you could be in with a chance to win.

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Ban the Manic Moves

Manic moves does not refer to my dance style but the fact that I am moving house in under a month. Previously I have found moving a hugely stressful time and to be completely honest, a terribly uncoordinated state of affairs.

There is so much to remember to take care of, which has always been my downfall. There are those who must be contacted regarding your change of address for example, the gas and electric supplier, not just Aunt Maud so she can still send you a card every year. Then there are the details of the estate agent, the moving company, the solicitor and so on and so forth. You need to have quotes for the movers and other services done in order to save you paying over the top for something you desperately need and of course being disorganised when moving is almost certainly going to cost you money.

So much to remember and so little time, which is why the Dodo Book of the Big Move is a wonder of organisation in amongst the chaos of bubble wrap and packing boxes. Previously I have left a lot of the work until the last minute however this time I am moving not only myself and my husband; I am also moving two small children, a business and a hamster called Yoda at the same time. A slapdash approach to moving just isn’t going to cut it on this occasion and I have to say that the ‘having everything written down or stored in one place’ is making life a lot easier.

The Dodo Book of the Big Move has a section for everything. I can store to-do lists, financial details, quotes, company information, dates, reminders and more in this must-have mover manual. As always, the beauty of the Big Move book is that, as with all Dodo Pad items, I can doodle on it! Yay! I can scribble to-do lists and notes while on hold on the telephone (yet again) which provides me an enormous amount of creative satisfaction but also helps me channel my energies so I am less likely to bark at the thirteenth person to put me on hold during the call I’m on.

In short, the Dodo Book of the Big Move gives me the opportunity to have all the information I need at my fingertips when I need it. It provides a simple and effective alternative to the reams of pieces of paper and easily lost post it notes and in addition to this, it’s completely portable – and it has an elastic bandeau around the outside to hold the ever increasing pile of papers in it falling out. It is clear to see why without the Big Move Book my hair would be even frizzier than it already is, and I would likely be pulling it out in frustration anyway.

So thank you Lord Dodo for adding this gem to your collection. I am surprisingly calm and organised and feel in control of proceedings which is so rare when moving. With your help it appears that our move to our new home will be a relatively stress-free and seamless one.

If you or a family member or friend are about to embark on a house move journey, now is the time to pick up a Dodo Book of the Big Move as it’s currently being offered at the reduced price of just £14.50. Lord Dodo’s small, but significant, effort to get the housing market moving again!

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Balancing Online Work with Offline Planning

I spend an obscene amount of hours a week surgically attached to my laptop for my work as a writer. I utilise the World Wide Web for research and use email, social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, amongst other essential online functions, on a daily basis.

I refuse however to use an online diary or calendar. This may seem odd for some people, but I am a strict believer in work / life balance. I’m a student at this and haven’t as yet perfected the art but am determined to have some boundaries in place which enable me to effectively step away from the online world.

The beauty of the Dodo Pad for me is that it is large enough for me to fit in all of the to do lists, dates, reminders and more, yet is small enough to be portable so that I can pop it in my handbag and have access to info as required without being sucked into the online world. I work from home so having a boundary line is essential and this is the best way to achieve this.

I once tinkered with online calendars, reminders, diaries, to-do lists and more and found that instead of freeing up time, as any means of organisation should do, it was yet another online tool that had me “popping” online to check something. A quick visit online to check a deadline or meeting date is like just going into the supermarket for bread and milk, it rarely works. With Tesco I leave with three bags of shopping despite going there for two items; with an online organisation system I end up “just checking” an email (or ten!) or finding myself finishing something off. There has to be a line.

I don’t have my work email account connect to my mobile phone for similar reasons and I have to say that by using an offline organisation system, rather than an online one, I have been able to distance myself from work and switch off more effectively.

How do you balance the online and offline worlds? Do you work online and like me find that online diaries and calendars seem to encourage you to spend more time online than is strictly necessary? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject.

Been there and done this! Thankfully the Dodo Pad is much easier to keep a hold of than a scrap of paper.

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Beautiful new slipcover colours!

Hallooo Dear Dodopadlers! Miss Peabody here with some exciting ‘new-product’ news!

Our new batch of gorgeous slipcovers has arrived! There are new colours this year for the Italian leather slipcovers, and a new Nubuck line of covers that is positively divine.

Our slipcovers are uber-exclusive and there are very limited quantities of all colours, especially the natural hide covers in elegant Ecru and decadent Royal Purple (created in honour of the recent Royal Wedding):

Leather cover selection

The sensuous new recycled Nubuck covers have a suede-like feel making them wonderful to hold in your hands (and happily, unlike some suedes, are very stain-resistant):

Nubuck covers

The smooth recycled leather covers come in a variety of cheery colours:

Recycled leather covers

The faux leather covers are made of man-made materials and have a wonderfully leather-like look and feel. (You may have already seen my post about how much I love my iridescent lilac faux leather slipcover.)

Faux leather covers

You’re sure to find a colour that suits you!

The slipcovers come in the Desk and Mini sizes to fit your original or mini size Dodo Pad or Acad-Pad diaryClick here and scroll down to see all the colours for each size in your choice of leather, nubuck, or faux leather.

These covers are perfect for protecting your diary all year, or for keeping the exuberance of your Dodo under wraps for those more staid environs.

The front and back covers of your diary slip into the cover, then slip out again to be replaced by the following year’s diary so you can enjoy using your slipcover for years to come.

(Here’s a secret: some Dodopadlers own several slipcovers in various colours to match their bag, their ensemble or even their mood and swap them accordingly!)

Production took place in a studio on the banks of the River Arno in Florence – lucky Lord Dodo got to see them being made! It’s finished for this year’s batch of slipcovers, which means all of these beautiful covers are Limited Edition and when they are gone, they are completely gone. So don’t hesitate to order the colour you want, we wouldn’t want you to be disappointed!

Which is your favourite colour? I can’t decide which is more stunning, the Ecru or Royal Purple natural hide covers, or the Aqua Nubuck cover!  They’re all fabulous, aren’t they??

Toodle-oo for now!

Miss P

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Remarkable Dodo Pad diary bargains on Ebay!

Hallooo dear Dodopadlers! Miss Peabody here with some very exciting news about astonishingly low prices on this year’s Dodo Pad diaries!

I want to share with you some especially remarkable Dodo Pad diary bargains available now on Ebay! Lord Dodo has really gone above and beyond to bring you extremely low prices on his iconic diary in various formats including the fabulous new Filofax-compatible inserts. It is almost time to do our annual stock take or ‘take of stock’ as we like to call it – so you can ‘take’ it and we have less (if any!) to count at the end of the month…

The prices are SO incredibly discounted, it’s a great opportunity for those of you who haven’t yet personally experienced the delights of the Dodo Pad diary to try it for next to nothing. (However consider yourself duly warned: Dodo Pad products are highly addictive, and most find once they’ve enjoyed the mirthful organisation of the Dodo Pad they don’t want to be without it!)

Click here to see the 2011 Dodo Pad diary refill compatible with the personal size Filofax for only £1.50 (yes, just 1 pound 50!)


Dodo Pad diary for Personal size Filofax

You can also get the  Dodo Pad diary refill combined with the PersonalPOD organiser (click here) for an exceptionally low price!  The PersonalPOD ring binder holds your Dodo Pad diary insert in style. With pockets inside the covers and a handsome elastic strap to hold it shut securely, your PersonalPOD will keep you organised on the go!

Ingenious PersonalPOD for your Dodo Pad diary insert

For those of you who are interested in trying the 2010-2011  Dodo Acad-pad diary refill combined with the PersonalPOD organiser, click here for the product page.

Dodo Acad-Pad diary insert

Or you can get just the Acad-Pad diary refill (click here) also for just £1.50.

In addition to these excellent Filofax-compatible diary formats, you can also get the Dodo Wall Pad and Mini Dodo Pad Diary for very low prices (see below)!

Click here to get the 2011 Dodo Wall Pad (which I personally find absolutely indodispensible) for an exceptionally low price.


2011 Dodo Wall Pad

And be sure to pocket the very portable  Dodo Pad mini diary (click here) for a mere £4.25 – there are very few of these left though…

Dodo Pad Mini diary fits easily in your bag

You can click here to see all of Lord Dodo’s special Ebay offers.

Don’t miss out on these wonderful opportunities to get your 2011 Dodo Pad diary whether in Wall, Mini, or Filofax format at exceptionally low prices! But don’t delay because once they are gone they are well and truly gone.

Toodle-oo for now!

Miss P

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