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So much to say, so much to show and so little time to Christmas! – Speed Post 2 – Superb stocking fillers for under a fiver!

This is my second speed post of the Christmas season- a bit like being in a speed dating session – you will need to read yesterday’s post to get the full analogy!

This is all about how we have a whole section on the website totally ‘dodedicated’ to stuff that Lord Dodo LOVES… which incidentally make fine Christmas Gifts but are not necessarily a diary-calendar-stationery-sort-of-thing. You can read the full details here as to how we started this little online shopping (ad)venture!

So back to the criteria for selection:

Is it well designed? (essential)

Is is fun?

Is it useful?

Is it colourful?

Is it quirky?

If the answer is yes to all or most of the above and it doesn’t break the bank (prices start at £1.99 for a clever set of page markers) and we love it then it gets a spot in Lord Dodo LOVES…Click on the pics to go straight to the spot in the shop where you will find them. No messing about. Teleport yourself there. Now.

Today it’s a speed swish through everything that Lord Dodo LOVES… all for less than a fiver.

Washout Marker Pens £4.99

Washout Marker Pens £4.99











Wash out marker pen sets – write on any material that’s machine washable at 40 degrees – wash out and start again. What’s not to like?

Hands Free page holder £2.99

Hands Free Book/Page holder £2.99












The very latest in hands free technology…for your book! It looks like a lightweight but performs like a heavyweight. You can now use your free hands to tickle the cat, pat the dog or simply fold your arms! Just clip this muscular miniature on to your hardback and paperback books and let the Little Book Holder take the strain while you get to grips with your reading. In six lush colours (and, yes, they really work!)

Multi-Coloured Bookmarks £1.99

Multi-Coloured Bookmarks £1.99











Made from thick, robust polypropylene, these colourful Bookmark page markers clip on and stay on to mark those important pages. Great for studying and researching or just simple page marking. Each pack contains 8 arrows in all the colours of the rainbow – and some!

Bookends in use

Fold-Flat Bookend – in 6 colours £4.99












These are brilliant! Made from just a single piece of thin, durable polypropylene, these inventive, contemporary bookends use a novel ‘living hinge’ to solve a usually bulky bookend problem. They fold flat (great for wrapping them as a gift or putting them in the post), they stand up straight due to the fold out section that goes UNDER the books (great for books or DVDs etc.) and we think they look pretty fab anywhere around the home or office – which is great for everyone. On the base, each has complimentary coloured grippy feet to keep them rock steady, they can be easily wiped clean and, most importantly, they’re very, very strong!  Sold as singles, if you only want one, or why not mingle, mix and match your perfect bookend partner from a choice of cool colours.

Lipstick or coin purse - in 5 colours £4.99

Lipstick or coin purse – in 5 colours £4.99











Lord Dodo is always on the scour for clever ideas and has tested each one personally! Brighten up your bag with this functional, funky purse which can be used for lipstick or money. It easily holds up to 3 lipsticks or use it as a change purse for notes and coins. Its soft, velvety smooth-to-the-touch silicone exterior is simply tantalising on your fingertips – you have to feel it to believe it!

There’s lots more on the website for under a fiver – select ALL PRODUCTS and order by price – you’ll see them listed 🙂

That’s it for now….

Speed post three tomorrow! 🙂

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