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Dodo Pad 2013 – The Independent’s Top Choice

Imagine the surprise over at Dodo Towers last week when the Independent’s 10 Best Diaries feature hit the stands and the 2013 Dodo Pad was in prime position at No. 1!  Of course once the whooping, dancing and singing had subsided everyone returned to their usual calm, professional and dignified selves, yet the grins are still firmly in place today.

Lord Dodo’s support sales team

Dodo Pad is considered to be The Independent’s top diary choice above the likes of Paperchase, Moleskine, Cath Kidston, Aspinal and other well-known diary and planner names. While those at Dodo Pad HQ had been told that it might well be in the Top 10, hitting the top of the charts was a genuine surprise.

Better still this has all come about without Lord Dodo having to nominate the product or indeed making any effort whatsoever. Clearly some clever individual over on the Arts and Entertainment desk has happened upon the brand all by themselves.

For the eagle-eyed of you who have already seen the piece I have no doubt that you spotted the Independent’s unfortunate type error.

It may be assumed that “provides pretty much ticks all the boxes” refers to the fact that the Dodo Pad 2013 provides everything a planner needs and that it ticks all of the boxes for the stationery lover, both of which are absolute correct so we will forgive the paper their slight mistake.

As a new addition to the Dodo Pad team I was overjoyed to hear that the Dodo Pad 2013, my own diary and planner of choice way before I became involved, had received this much deserved recognition. The team all work incredibly hard and truly believe in the Dodo Pad and the unique way in which it provides a quirky, fun and flexible way for people to organise their lives and this comes across loud and clear when you have to opportunity to speak to any of them.

I have it on good authority that everyone connected with the Dodo Pad are suitably thrilled at reaching the No. 1 spot however all the top ten articles in the world mean nothing if not for the loyal customers who come back year after year to enjoy the many stationery items on offer and the new visitors who find and fall in love with this fun way of keeping everything organised. So, on that grateful note, thank you all!

As always we love to hear your thoughts and I’m sure this week Lord Dodo would be thrilled to hear what you think makes the Dodo Pad 2013 your top diary.


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