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National Stationery Week: The Dodo Jotter #lovestationery #getbritainwriting

Here’s another lovely ‘guest’ blog post from National Stationery Week,  Becky Harding who blogs at busybeemummybex.blogspot.co.uk and loves our Desk Jotter Pad – check out her brilliant doodles and how she has personalised it 🙂

National Stationery week is upon us & I want to share this absolutely perfect Dodo Jotter Pad with you.
I’m probably in the minority these days as we own iPads, iPhones & a mac book however I still use a pen & paper most days. I own a diary & simply love the ‘realness’ of writing.
I panic that I’ll put a note in my phone & shortly forget it.
My life is hectic. So crazy that I need a real diary to write everything down at short notice. It probably makes no sense to you if you use your smart phone for everything.
I just can’t get my head around it, I suppose I’m still quite old fashioned.
Nothing beats a pen & paper…. in my eyes.
Why do I love the Dodo Jotter so much?
Well it has different sections to it.
The blank calendar in the corner is perfect.
Then the doodle area is totally me specially if I’m on the phone I quite like a doodle.
The To DoDo today area – I love a good to do list.
I added the meal planner bit for my own use, the blank space is perfect.
Being able to jot my blog ideas down… Perfect.
The Dodo jotter is available in two sizes; the A3 desk jotter (this one) & then the B5 size perfectly portable.
They’re designed to alleviate boredom & keep even the scattiest desk-dweller on the straight & narrow.
They’re made with 50 sheets of high quality 100gsm paper. No pen will be able to get through it.
My favourite bit is designated biscuits & coffee zones.
I also love that the bottom edge is glued on rather than the traditional top, this saves the corners from rolling up & becoming crinkled & unsightly. PERFECT.
I’m delighted to tell you that this product was made locally in Cornwall, England where Dodo Pad is based.

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Get organised day – The Dodo Monthly Muddle Manager review and giveaway!

We just SO loved this blog post today on ‘Get Organised Day’ in National Stationery Week, by stationery lover, Amanda Carter at http://amanda-sheseclectic.blogspot.co.uk/ we asked if we could reblog it here! If you want to enter Amanda’s competition please leave a comment on her original post rather than here!


Today is Get Organised Day and the fab people at Dodo Pad have given me one of their new Monthly Muddle Manager pads to review and an extra one for me to give away to you!
Get organised day

First of all I have to say “Monthly Muddle Manager” rolls off of the tongue nicely, as I have said before I love a bit of alliteration!  “What is the Monthly Muddle Manager?” I hear you ask.  Well it is a large, A3 size pad for your desk that has an undated calendar printed on each page. You choose which month you want to start with and fill in the date boxes (Can you call triangles boxes? I mean, I am, but I’m not sure it’s the right word?) and write the month in the top right corner.

Each day has three sections for AM, PM and Evening so you can easily see what you have scheduled and which part of the day it is on.  There are some Dodo Pad style illustrations around the outside edges to make it more interesting and some blank spaces to add your own doodles, random thoughts or phone numbers too.

A month at a glance 

The Monthly Muddle Manager (sorry, I just like saying it!) is made from thick card so it is durable and hard wearing and has 30 calendar pages per pad so it will last you two and a half years!  “Oh yeah but bottom of the page will get all crumpled and the corners will curl up and look a mess!” I imagine some of you are thinking but no, no they wont because the people who make it are very, very clever!  They thought that could happen too so they came up with a smart idea, they glued the pages together at the bottom of the pad instead of the top so no matter how much you use it and write on it you wont “worry” or rumple the sheets.

Glued on the bottom – what a great idea!

I really like being able to see my whole month at once without having to open my Filofax and flip through to the right section.  If I am on the phone and need to check a date or make a note of something it is right next to me and I can jot it down or scribble in the margin if it’s a long call and I’m getting bored.  The size also means I wont knock it off my desk or miss place it like I have done before with smaller pads!

If you would like to win your own Monthly Muddle Manager all you have to do is comment below telling me what year the first Dodo Pad diary was made, you can find the answer here.  I will number all the comments and then use random.org to pick a winner.

The rules:
  • Leave a comment telling me what year the first Dodo Pad diary was made – one entry per person please.
  • The giveaway ends at 12pm UK time on the 10th May 2015 – entries after this time will not be added to the draw.
  • The winner must contact me within 7 days to claim their prize or I will have to draw a new winner.
  • This giveaway is open internationally.
One for me and one for you

Dodo Pad are another of the official sponsors of National Stationery Week so if you would like to support them please give their Facebook page a like and follow them on Twitter too.


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Desk delight for wilting workstations

Dodo doodlers, splendid scribblers, joyful jotters and noble note-takers behold! The Dodo Jotter has landed!

Our brand-spanking new, generously sized A3 desk pad has been lovingly designed to alleviate boredom and keep even the scattiest desk-dweller on the straight and narrow.

Dodo Pad Jotter

The dodelightful Dodo Jotter!

The Jotter has all of the charm (if we may humbly say so) of our much-loved Dodo Pad diary paired with the functionality that fans of the Dodo Pad have come to rely upon over the last *ahem* almost 50 years. With a segregated doodle area for scribbling on whilst on the phone, to a three-month planner and even special zones for biscuits and coffee, the Dodo Jotter is the perfect adornment and ideal distraction for any desk.

In the 'biscuit' zone

A perfectly sized spot for a choc chip cookie or biscuit of your choice!

It also doubles, triples and quadruples up as a saucer, hangman display board and somewhere to rest your head when it’s been ‘one of those days’. (The paper smells nice too – we tested it! 😀 )

Are you looking at your own dog-eared desk jotter right now? Do you see those crinkly corners? Well, on Lord Dodo’s Dodo Jotter, it’s the bottom edge that’s glued rather than the traditional top, saving corners from rolling up and becoming unsightly. Sorry, other jotters, it’s nothing personal.

With every crook and corner of our own Dodo Pads covered with doodles, notes, telephone messages and more, we decided the time was right to create a large Dodo Jotter to free up space to be creative and expressive as well as note any critical daily ‘To Do’s –or ‘To Do-Do’s as we say on this particular product!

There’s lots of space for thoughts, ideas, doodles and dates. As you will know, there’s little more frustrating than finding you’ve scribbled smiley faces all over the back of a very important document. Having a Dodo Jotter on the desk will alleviate such problems, and that’s why you can grab one now from our online store.

And don’t forget to keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages as there will be a chance to win one in the not too distant future and there’s even a baby-sized version on the cards – it’s a fast developing twinkle in Lord Dodo’s eye!

Happy Easter weekend!

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