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The Mother’s Day Anti-Gift Guide

We didn’t really need to put ‘Mothering Sunday’ in our Dodo Pad to tell you that this Sunday is a Mum’s special day, did we? Surely the violent explosions of pink in every shop and the excessive flowers appearing at petrol stations all around the UK were enough reminder that the time has come around to tell your Mum how much she means to you.

Mothers have an exceptional ability to know what we’re going to do before we’ve done them, often before we’ve even thought about doing them, such is the power of maternal instinct. Lord Dodo himself was often caught feeding his dinner to the dog under the dining room table before the breakfast pancakes were even served at the table.

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When you were small, your Mum cut off your crusts before she put your sandwiches into your lunch bag. She gave you ‘the look’ when you were about to say something embarrassing and she dutifully took you to all the parties you’d been invited to. She sent birthday cards on your behalf and stopped you from opening all of your advent calendar windows on the first day of the season.

We love our Mums here at Dodo Pad, and we felt that we could learn from the things that they’ve taught us over the years to give them priceless presents this Mothering Sunday. Here’s our anti-gift guide*. Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Lick a tissue and wipe your Mum’s face with it before she goes out. She always did it for you, it’s time to repay the favour
  • Take your Mum out for dinner and cut her meal up into bite-size portions. If she complains, give her ‘the look’
  • Apologise to people on behalf of your Mum when she’s making a complaint on the telephone, to a neighbour or in a shop, explaining that she’s “tired and emotional”
  • Now you’re tall and grown, take your Mum’s favourite snacks and treats from the cupboard and put them on the highest point in the kitchen so she can’t eat them in-between meals
  • Follow your Mum into the bathroom in the morning and say “30 more seconds” once she’s finished brushing her teeth, handing her back the brush
  • Insist your Mum finishes every morsel on her plate at dinner
  • Point to the soap if she swear
  • Threaten to knock her and your Dad’s heads together if they’re in a disagreement about watching Match of the Day

* Lord Dodo accepts no responsibility for smacked legs, groundings, mobile phone confiscation, internet unplugging or pocket money retraction that may come as a result of our fun Anti-Gift guide.

Do you have any fun anti-gift guide ideas to add of your own? Comment here and we’ll choose our favourite to win a special something from the Dodo Pad for you or your Mum – you decide who 🙂

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Gorgeous Gift Vouchers!

Well…it’s been a while coming but we’ve finally got these up on the website – just in time for Mothers’ Day gift ideas 🙂

You wouldn’t believe the back office issues we’ve had getting them launched. When you try to do something and make it really unique and really personal, off the shelf discount vouchers just don’t cut it! So we created our very own and you can enter up to 25 words as a special message into the voucher which is printed in black and gold (well, as gold as you can get on a laser printer!).

So we have six voucher values – from a modest £15.00 to a very generous £50.00 which, when you buy online, not only pay for UK delivery to your gift recipient but allow them to choose online or offline via our catalogue. Not everyone has access to the web or prefers to choose online so we wanted to include those people too.

We’ll email you a voucher to print off or email on to your ‘giftee’ but if you prefer us to send it, we’ll do that too!

A selection of Gorgeous Gift Vouchers from Lord Dodo

Gorgeous Gift Vouchers – £15, £20, £25, £30, £40 or £50


Do tell us what you think of this dodevelopment…is it a good idea? Did we miss anything critical out?


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