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Stationery Loves

There is nothing more lovely than the smell of a new exercise book, a clean page, a sharp pencil and a pen that writes well. I always loved the first day of term when I was at school as it meant a new pencil case full of goodies and more lovely and untouched stationery.

As an adult I’ve maintained my love of top quality stationery and the Dodo Pad range is ideally placed to help me with my obsession. My only concern with the Dodo Pad range is the effect that letting go of all these truly wonderful items must have on Lord Dodo himself. Surely it must be a wrench, waving the sparkly black graphite Swarovski pencils off? And the Swarovski crystal topped pens? I’m not sure I could be so brave. Fortunately for Dodo Pad customers, Lord Dodo is less of a stationery hoarder than I am which makes it a lot easier to process orders that are due to go out for delivery. (They do look nice en masse though don’t they?!)

A sneaky peek into Lord Dodo’s crystal-topped treasure trove of writing instruments.

Clearly if you are reading this blog you have already found the Dodo Pad range and it is fair to assume that you have some higher level of regard for stationery items… so today’s question has to be, what stationery item can you simply not do without? Are you a paper hound, do you have secret drawers full of different sizes colours of paper? Do pencils tickle your fancy? Are you a pen person or perhaps you have other stationery needs?

Myself, I have to admit to many stationery needs. A few years ago my husband, with a wide grin on his face, presented me with a huge box on Christmas morning. Inside it I found file dividers, a filing tray, pens, pencils, paper, a new desk calculator, the whole works. It is safe to say that many brownie points were earned that day!

So tell me, what is your “must-have” or “best-loved” stationery drawer item? Or can you even distinguish the prime candidate?


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