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Celebrate Summer with 15% Off the Dodon’t Forget Range!

Hallooo dear Dodopadlers!  It’s Miss Peabody!

Summer solstice falls on Monday the 21st of June this year.  For those of us in the northern hemisphere, this is the date when we enjoy our longest day of the year!

Summer solstice also marks the official start of summer.  And with summer comes a frenzy of events, travel, holidays and activities.  With so many things going on it’s easy to forget what you are meant to be doing and when!

Have no fear, dear reader.  Lord Dodo has a plethora of products to remind you of your intended actions in his Dodon’t Forget range!  And from now until midnight on 27th June he has specially allowed me to offer you any or all of these products at 15% off with your order of  a mere ₤8.50 or more!  Just enter code 10MP at checkout to automatically receive your discount.

For those of you who are always going in and out of doors, the Dodo Door Pad is a must-have to help you remember whether you’re coming or going.  It’s perfect for those before-you-leave reminders to make sure you remember to bring the beach bag, turn off the oven or put out the cat before you dash out.

Dodo Door Pad now 15% off!

For effective reminders for the entire family, put the notice in the one central location where everyone will see it: the food source!  Our Magnetic  Memo Board is perfect to put on the fridge for family announcements, phone messages, and general reminders.

Magnetic Dodo Memo Board 15% off!

For you list-makers, the fridge is also the ideal place to jot down your shopping list, packing list, and to-do list.  Write it on your Dodo Magnetic Fridge Pad so that you Do-do Remember all you have to do!

Dodo Magnetic Fridge Pad 15% off!

When using your diary, make sure those important dates stand out with the Dodon’t Forget and ‘Save the Day’ Stickers!  These colorful icons will draw your attention to such important dates as birthdays, travel, school’s out, weddings, sporting events and lots more.

Save the Day Stickers also 15% off!

When jotting reminders here and there make sure you have a fabulous pen on hand!  The Dodo Pen has a gorgeous smooth purple barrel and an ergonomic grip to allow you to write in comfort and style.

The Dodo Pen now 15% off!

Looking for a fun notebook to write and record all your summertime adventures?  What better place to expound on your holiday plans than the Dodo Pad Blank Book! This handy A5 size notebook is ready to receive your journal writings, lists and notes, sketches, dreams, travel plans and more.  Always ready and always “on”, this notebook will never lose power or crash, keeping your important data safe within its pages.  With a flick of the page you can record and retrieve your writings at will. Aahh, paper technology!

The Dodo Pad Blank Book now 15% off!

Summertime brings a seemingly endless parade of graduations, birthdays, weddings and special events.  Be sure to have on hand plenty of Dodo Greetings Cards for those spur-of-the-moment felicitations.  Lord Dodo’s collection of wise and witty quotes will be welcome for any occasion.  The cards are blank inside for you to add your own personalized message.

Dodo Greetings Cards 15% off!

With this stock of supplies you’ll be ready for anything summer throws at you and you won’t lose your head in the fray.  Dodon’t forget to have fun whilst staying organised all summer long!

What are your big plans this summer?  Travel? Adventure? Relaxation? Do post a comment and tell us all about it!

Meanwhile, I’m off to dip my toes in the in the cool fountain in the middle of the Hedge Maze here at Dodo Towers.  Toodle-oo for now!

Miss P

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Chelsea Flower Show May 25-29

The Dodo Book of Garden Cuttings now 15% off!!

Hallooo dear Dodopadlers!  Miss Peabody here.

Those of you using your Dodo Pad and/ or Acad-Pad diary will notice on 25th May the anniversary of the first flower show in Britain, held by the Royal Horticultural Society in 1833.

The Royal Horticultural Society is still going strong, of course. RHS is dedicated to passing on gardening knowledge to all generations.  They have a wealth of information on plants and gardens, and they even have gardener’s calendars with advice on what you need to do each month to ensure abundance.

The tradition of the Royal Flower Show continues this year at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show,  25th-29th May.  The show promises heaps of excitement for gardening enthusiasts including gardening advice from professional gardeners, tips on how to bring wildlife to your garden, and inspiration for creating your best garden ever.  If last year’s winners are any indication of the level of beauty and innovative gardening we can expect this year, then it should be a very exciting show indeed!

If the flower show leaves you feeling horticulturaly inspired, you’re in luck!  Here is a special offer to thrill any gardener (or aspiring gardener, green fingered or otherwise): 15% off the Dodo Book of Garden Cuttings! Just enter the promotional code 10MP at checkout to automatically receive your discount. This offers is open until midnight on 6th June.

The Book of Garden Cuttings is an ingenious way to organise your garden, from planning your plots to recording your abundant harvest.

There is a wipe-clean grid plotter so you can arrange and re-arrange your garden layout, then record your final design on the paper grid pages.  There are tabbed sections for each month to remind you what needs to be done throughout the year, and to record the conditions and results for future reference.  There are plenty of pages for sticking in notes and jotting down information.  In addition, there are ten pockets to pop in those clippings and seed packets you want to save lest you forget.  The book has a sturdy spiral binding and a durable wipe-clean cover to withstand outdoor use.

And, as with all Dodo Produce, the book is brimming with a cornucopia of humour, art and inspirational gardening quotes.  The Book of Garden Cuttings will help every step of the way to bring you bountiful begonias, mounds of melons, rows of rhubarb and oceans of orchids, leaving you cool as a cucumber all the while. Don’t miss this chance to get one for yourself (or a lucky favoured gardener friend) at this specially discounted price!

So, dear readers, are any of you going to the Chelsea Flower Show? I’ve never been though I’m told it is a spectacular display.  Perhaps next year…

If you do go you simply must post a comment and tell us all about it!

Toodle-oo for now!

Miss P

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2010-2011 Acad-Pads Are Here! Save 15%!

Read further to save 15% now!

Hallooo dear Dodopadlers!  Miss Peabody here, with some very exciting news indeed!  I have so much to tell you about new products, discount codes and new ways to follow Lord Dodo in cyberspace.  Do read on!

The new, updated (and wonderfully-coloured, in my humble opinion) 2010-2011 Acad-Pads are now available!  These sanity-saving diaries and wall pad calendars have been loved for years by students, teachers, professors, families, and anyone on an academic-year schedule.  And as if that news weren’t exciting enough, now there is an entirely new form of Acad-Pad diary available!

Due to the pleas of those Acad-Pad users who are also enamoured with their Filofax personal organisers, this year for the first time ever Lord Dodo has created an Acad-Pad diary insert for your Personal size Filofax! Now you can have the fun, wit and delightful organisation of the Acad-Pad clipped into your Filofax binder!  I say, what will Lord Dodo think of next?

2010-2011 Acad-Pads are now available in a dazzling array of sizes and formats: the original Desk diary, the very visible Wall Pad, the Mini size diary for extreme portability, and now in the Personal size Filofax-compatible format.

Now you are spoiled for choice of sizes and formats of Acad-Pads, you’ll have no excuse not to be organised.  That is, unless you wait too long and miss out!  Acad-Pads sell out each year so don’t hesitate!  Miss Davinia Dalrymple (our Mistress of Stock Control here at Dodo Towers) urges you to avoid disappointment and get yours now.

Acad-Pad interior

The interior of the Acad-Pad has the same format as the Dodo Pad diary that we know and love so well.  The five columns per day are perfect for tracking assignments, noting deadlines and due-dates, managing your to-dos and keeping up with your lively social scene.  Opposite each week’s schedule is a page full of mirth, clever art, and plenty of room for your own notes (or doodles during boring lectures or down-time).

Now, also for the first time, you can peek inside this year’s Acad-Pad and Dodo Pad diaries, click here to search inside and preview the pages!

Each Acad-Pad is pre-printed with holidays (to help you plan those holiday breaks) and contains ever-so-useful pre-planning calendars and pages to note important data.  The Acad-Pad is your perfect companion to guide you through your academic year in sanity-saving style.

The ideal addition to your Acad-Pad or Dodo Pad desk diary is the new, “small but perfectly formed” A5 size Slimline Dodo Address Book which tucks tidily into the pocket in the back of your desk diary.  It keeps your contacts close at hand, and eliminates the inconvenience of re-copying your addresses year to year.  Lord Dodo’s sheer genius shines again!

Slimline Dodo Address Book

So many exciting new products!  I just love it when new Dodo Produce hatches.

Indodispensible for adding visibility to important dates and events in your Acad-Pad, Dodo Pad (or indeed any diary) are the Save The Day Stickers.  These colorful icons will draw your eye to those significant events when paging through your diary.

Save the Day stickers

And from now until midnight (UK time) on 30th April, you dear readers of my blog can get 15% off your purchase of ₤15.00 or more on Acad-Pads, the Dodo Slimline Address Book, and Dodo Organiser Stickers!  Just enter the code 10MP at checkout.  This cannot be combined with any other offer, and is only for a very limited time so do act quickly!

Now there are several ways to stay informed and find the latest happenings here at Dodo Towers.  You can follow Lord Dodo on Twitter, and become a fan on his Facebook page.  How terribly exciting!  I’ve also heard that he occassionally even ‘chats’ to Facebook fans – but this is a rare and very special occurence – so you have to be there to stand a chance.

Well my dear friends, I’m afraid I’m all in a tizzy now.  New products!  Dodelightful discounts! Lord Dodo in cyberspace!  It’s all so grand!  I must go and put my feet up.

Toodle-oo for now,

Miss P

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Hogmanay in the Highlands

15% off now!

Hallooo, dear Dodopadlers!  Miss Peabody here!

My, my what a delightful festive season I’ve had!  I hope you all are enjoying the holidays as much as I am.  I’m pleasantly plump from all the delicious festive fare at our Christmas dinner here at Dodo Towers.  Now it’s time for some serious walking (it off)!  I’m off to beautiful Glen Dodoe to celebrate Hogmanay in the Highlands.  The bracing mountain air always does me good at this time of year and, dare I say it, nobody does a New Year celebration better than our friends north of the border!

Every year I trek up to Glen Dodoe and always bring my Dodo Travel Log along with me.  In it I record the details of my trip, places I’ve been, delicious meals eaten, sites seen. I love to look back at entries from years past and relive my travel experiences. On the pages I stick photos using the enclosed photo corners, and in the handy pockets I put tickets and souvenirs.  Each year I meet new people and add them to my ever-growing Addresses section (which is also useful for keeping the details of friends back home to send post cards to).  Before I go on my trip I check the useful websites list in my Travel Log for weather, transport and lodging information (always best to be prepared!).  And when I travel to farther-flung destinations (which I do occasionally) I find the lists of International Dialling Codes and Time Differences immensely useful.  And as with all of Lord Dodo’s inventions, this little book is enriched with drawings, wit and wisdom to inspire me on my journey.  The elastic strap holds it all together so it doesn’t flap around in my bag.   I just pop my Travel Log into my suitcase and off I go!

If you or someone you know plans to travel in 2010 then the Travel Log will be indodispensible.  And from now until January 15, 2010, you dear readers of my blog can get the Travel Log for 15% off when you enter the promotional code 09MP at checkout.

Happy New Year to you all and I wish you all the best in 2010.

Toodle-oo for now!

Miss P

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Dodo Promos!

Hallooo dear Dodopadlers!  Miss Peabody here.

My goodness, is it December already?   How the time does fly!   There’s so much going on here at Dodo Towers and so much to tell you!

A special welcome to Filofax users!  Undodoubtedly you’ve heard of our exciting promotion of the Dodo Pad A5 Filofax diary insert, but in case you haven’t I will tell you all about it.   This exciting diary insert format is newly available for 2010 and is a simply wonderful way for any user of an A5 Filofax to be “Filo on the outside and Dodo on the inside.”   When you order the A5 Dodo Pad Filofax insert, enter promotional code 09FX to get an amazing 55% off!  Lord Dodo wants everyone who is interested in this new insert to be able to try it out at his special discounted price, but you should know that remaining stocks are very limited.

And speaking of special promotions,  as a reader of my blog, from now until December 15th you can get 15% off the Dodo Book for Cooks!  When checking out, just enter the code 09MP to automatically receive your discount.  There is no limit on stock (well an order for 100,000 copies might slightly stretch the stock room capabilities) and promotions can be combined.

This is one of Lord Dodo’s most successful inventions and a terrific gift idea for anyone who enjoys cooking.  I must say, I would be lost in the kitchen without my Book for Cooks.  Actually, I’m often lost in the kitchen as it is.   But my Book for Cooks helps me find my way!   It’s full of useful information that I can never seem to keep straight in my scattered head, such as temperature and measurement conversions.  Generously sprinkled throughout are samples of Lord Dodo’s witticisms and artwork.   There are 10 sections in which to put your recipes for every type of dish you can think of such as salads, starters, soups, meats and poultry.  Most useful at this time of year is the ‘Festive Fare’ section for all of my holiday recipes.  And thank goodness for all those little pockets to contain the recipes I have cut out from who knows where and not had time to stick in or copy out.  A neat elastic strap holds it all together.  Dear me, perhaps I should have an elastic strap to hold myself together!  Now that is something to consider.

Along with our cooking theme, on this week’s Dodo Pad diary page is a notable date celebrating the birth on November 30, 1869 of Gustaf Dalen, founder of AGA cookers.  Dalen’s talent for science and invention were apparent at an early age.  He devised many new inventions in his lifetime and was dedicated to improvements in cooking, heat and light.  Despite being blinded by an explosion, his accomplishments in his work allowed him to receive many awards throughout his life, most notably the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1912.  Truly remarkable.

Such an exciting week here at Dodo Towers!  Happy festive cooking everyone!

Toodle-oo for now,

Miss P

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