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Dodo Pad Exercise Diary

Hallooo dear Dodopadlers!  Miss Peabody here!

How are those New Year’s Resolutions going? You haven’t given up on them already have you?  Well, if you need a little inspiration to get back on track to your goals, read on!

Studies have proven the way to reach your goals is to 1) work your goals into your daily schedule and 2) keep a record of your progress.

By definition, change requires you to behave in a way you didn’t previously behave. So in order to incorporate new behaviour into your life, you’ll need to specifically make time for each of your goals.  A great example of this is a resolution many of us make, losing weight and/or getting fit.  In order to reach your fitness goal, you’ll need to specifically make time to exercise.

Similarly, it is very important to document your progress to show that you really are on your way to reaching your goals. Especially for long-term goals like weight loss, slow and steady wins the race. You might not have visible results for what seems like a long time. So writing down your progress is extremely encouraging when you see that you really are progressing!

Luckily, Dodo Pad has a solution for getting you on the path to fitness!  I’ve come up with a clever way to use your Dodo Pad diary as an exercise diary. It will allow you to plan your exercise, as well as give you a record of your progress.

This year the Dodo Pad Desk, Mini and Wall Pad diaries come with an ingenious clear page that can be moved from week to week (click on the photo for a larger view of the clear divider sheets):

Clear divider sheets for Desk, Mini and Wall Pad diaries

The clear sheet easily attaches to the rings of the diary with tabs:

Ingenious clear wipe-off page attaches to rings and moves easily week to week

This clear, wipe-off sheet is especially useful for writing recurring weekly activities so you don’t have to rewrite them every week. But here is another function for this very useful tool: you can write your weekly exercise schedule on the clear sheet so your schedule is set each week:

Dodo Pad as Exercise Diary

On each week’s diary page you can record distances, times, reps, how you felt, weekly weigh-ins, etc.

Record your progress each week on the diary pages

And there you have it, your fitness schedule planned and recorded all in one!

Your fitness schedule, planned and recorded in your Dodo Pad diary!

Use your Dodo Pad Exercise Diary to chart your progress from Pile of Pudding to Fighting Fit.

Can you think of other uses for the clear divider sheets? If you do, please post a comment and tell us all about it!

I’m off to the gym to work on my own fitness goals. Toodle-oo for now!

Miss P

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