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Snow Dodo Mania at Christmas

Snow Dodo by Lord Dodo's Twitter friend @kinkyclawz

Hellooo dear Dodopadlers!

Well, it seems that the abundance of snow that fell over the recent festive season allowed Lord Dodo’s esteemed friends to express their adoration and dodedication to his Lordship in new and innovative ways.

After Tweeting the challenge @lord_dodo for people to create a snow dodo instead of the usual humdrum snow man,  we were completely bowled over by two acts of creative genius!  You can see the first snow sculpture depicted in the photograph here and the second can be viewed in a video format by clicking here.

Lord Dodo believes that the way the Dodo Pad encourages doodling and creative expression, as well as unheard of  levels of organisation, may have contributed to the creation of these glorious works of art which is of course what he always believed would happen!

We got very excited about Christmas here at Dodo Towers now and you should have seen the old place – it looked just lovely with all the lights and tinsel and our Christmas tree at the bottom of the grand staircase was just exquisite! We kept it up for a few days longer than usual so you could take a peek. Please do sign the Visitors Book if you if you pay a visit.

Lord Dodo and I would like to wish you a dodelightfully organised and less chaotic New Year in 2011!


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