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Dodo News

Hallooo dear Dodopadlers!  It’s Miss Peabody here again.

This is great fun!   I am certainly enjoying this magnificent “internet” thing.  I thank all of  you who’ve left comments and, for those who haven’t yet, I do hope to hear from you soon!

As you can imagine I was especially pleased thrilled to see Lord Dodo’s comment that he will be returning early from the Dodolomites, and duly recorded his return in my Dodo Wall Pad which I have prominently displayed near my desk here at Dodo Towers to show all of our comings and goings.

Each of us has our own column on the weekly page to facilitate visibility so we all know at a glance whether Lord D is here or away, where Bert Whistle is off to on his latest fact-gathering mission, and whether Miss Davinia Dalrymple is out consulting with suppliers or simply ensconced in the stacks within the stock room.  My comings and goings are also recorded for, although I normally hold the fort here at Dodo Towers while others are away, occasionally I do go off on my hols to beautiful Glen Dodoe, a little-known glen deep in the Highlands of Scotland.

As I was inscribing Lord D’s anticipated return, I noticed on our diary page this week (as will those of you with a Dodo Pad) the anniversary of the birth of stuntman Evel Knievel.  He is most famous for his numerous spectacular stunts involving riding a motorcycle while jumping over as many cars as possible/large canyons/whatever seemed most dangerous at the time.  A truly remarkable man!

Another item of note: visitors to the Dodo Pad website will notice the dodo atop the right hand gatepost holding a sign announcing National Doodle Day!  Draw a doodle and take the chance to show off your artwork and benefit two excellent charities; Epilepsy Action and The Neurofibromatosis Association.  For details look at http://www.nationaldoodleday.org.uk and also in your Dodo Pad 2010 diary and/or your Acad-Pad 2009/2010 diary (in desk, mini or wall form) on the pages following the week beginning 22 February 2010.  You have some time to perfect your sketches before you submit your entry into the contest.  The winning doodles will be printed in a future Dodo Pad or Acad-Pad. Happy doodling!

There is always so much going on here at Dodo Towers!  Tune in for more news soon.

Toodle-oo for now!

Miss P

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